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Testers / Workstation Monitors

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  • SCS 701L Test Lead, 10' L, Silicone Rubber Insulation, For 701 Test Kit

    ID: 701L-3M
    Mfr ID: 701L
    The SCS Test Kit 701 contains 701L Test Lead, a lightweight, user-friendly megohmmeter plus the components needed to easily and accurately test mats and other surfaces.


  • Botron B9201-E Single Operator LED Continuous Monitor, 1-3/4" W x 1-1/4" L x 0.88" H

    ID: B9201-E-BOT
    Mfr ID: B9201-E
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron's B9201-E is designed to monitor resistance of the operator's path to ground. It comes with a built in audible alarm and LED, triggering either when the operator falls out of spec, becomes disconnected, or ground is lost.


  • Botron B9203TB 3" LCD Continuous Monitor Test Box, 2.4" W x 4" L x 1" H

    ID: B9203TB-BOT
    Mfr ID: B9203TB
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron's B9203TB Continuous Monitor Test Box is used to test and verify B9201, B92011, B9202 and B9203 continuous monitors.


  • SCS 034-031-TNG LCD EM Aware TNG Event Monitor, 3-11/64" W x 1-1/2" L x 2-15/64" H

    ID: 034-031-TNG-3M
    Mfr ID: 034-031-TNG
    The EM Aware TNG ESD Event Monitor measures parameters through a single remote antenna, rejects most non-ESD events, and provides output of data. The EM Aware TNG Event Monitor is designed to provide a real time detection of most ESD events, change of static voltage and verification of critical environment ionizers (< + 5V offset), Continuously monitor the environment for ESD, provide a comprehensive diagnostic tool .


  • Desco 07010 Calibration Unit, 4.4" W x 3-1/64" L x 9" H

    ID: 07010-DES
    Mfr ID: 07010
    Mfr: Desco
    The Desco Calibration Unit is designed to verify whether a tester is operating within specifications. The Calibration Unit is manufactured with industry accepted test ranges for both wrist straps and foot grounders.


  • Desco 19218 Jewel® LED Continuous Mini-Monitor, 2-5/64" W x 2.77" L x 23/32" H

    ID: 19218-DES
    Mfr ID: 19218
    Mfr: Devcon
    The Jewel Workstation Continuous Mini Monitor independently monitors the operator and the worksurface. The instant an operator's wrist strap or cord fails, the monitor will issue audible and visual alarms alerting the user of the problem.


  • Desco 19255 Test Stand, For X3 Combo Tester

    ID: 19255-DES
    Mfr ID: 19255
    Mfr: Desco
    Allows combo tester X3 to set up in convenient area for testing of operators, heavy gauge black powder-coated construction minimizes corrosion and other contamination when used in clean or sensitive areas.


  • Desco 19350 2 State LED Wrist Strap Touch Tester, 3/16 W x 2.1" L x 2.9" H, 6VDC/4VDC Test

    ID: 19350-DES
    Mfr ID: 19350
    Mfr: Desco
    The Touch Tester is an "on demand" wrist strap tester that also functions as a common-point ground for two wrist straps and a mat, when the wearer of a wrist strap touches the metallic surface of the Touch Tester, a path for current flow is completed from the wearer's skin, through the wrist strap, to the metallic surface to ground.


  • Desco 19250 3 State LED Combo Footwear and Wrist Strap Touch Tester, 39" H

    ID: 19250-DES
    Mfr ID: 19250
    Mfr: Desco
    The Desco 19250 Combo Tester is a 3-state touch tester designed for fast, frequent testing of ESD personnel grounding devices, this product can be used as one of the tools to fulfill. Verification should include routine checks of the Technical Requirements of the Plan.


  • SCS 701 Test Kit, 12-45/64" W x 10-1/4" L x 4-1/64" H, High Density Polyethylene, 10V

    ID: 701-3M
    Mfr ID: 701
    The SCS Test Kit 701 contains a lightweight, user-friendly Megohmmeter plus all of the components needed to make testing mats and other surfaces simple and accurate.


  • SCS 701W Test Weight, 5.1" H, For 701 Test Kit

    ID: 701W-3M
    Mfr ID: 701W
    The SCS Test Kit 701 contains 701W Test Weight, a lightweight, user-friendly megohmmeter plus the components needed to easily and accurately test mats and other surfaces.


  • SCS 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit, For 718 Static Sensor

    ID: 718A-3M
    Mfr ID: 718A
    The SCS Static Sensor 718A is an easy to use, hand-held instrument designed to measure static voltages on objects and surfaces, arising from electrostatic charge buildups. This instrument can play a valuable role in an organization's ESD-control program by helping the user locate and quantify ESD trouble spots.


  • ID:
    Mfr ID: 718C
    The SCS certified static sensor is an easy to use, hand-held instrument designed to measure static voltages on objects and surfaces, arising from electrostatic charge buildups. Static Sensor, including meter, Operator's Manual, and Certificate of Performance verification.


  • SCS 740P Power Adaptor, 24 - 30VDC at 150mA Output, For 740 Combo Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester

    ID: 740P-3M
    Mfr ID: 740P
    This Power Adapter is designed to work with Desco combo tester, as fixed output, AC to DC power supply with fixed output, with barrel plug output connector. Includes data output connector plug, ground cord.


  • SCS 746 LED Wrist Strap Tester, 3-1/4" W x 6-1/4" L x 1-1/2" H, 14VDC Test

    ID: 746-3M
    Mfr ID: 746
    The Wrist Strap Tester 746 can be used to test wrist straps in a variety of situations, from daily testing in a production facility to periodic testing at remote sites or field service locations.


  • SCS 790 LED Static Monitor, 4" W x 3-1/2" L x 1-1/4" H, Plastic 9V Test

    ID: 790-3M
    Mfr ID: 790
    The SCS 790 Static Monitor is designed to monitor the operation of two wrist strap grounding systems and the ground connection of a specified equipment chassis. The monitor operates from a 120VAC adaptor that is included in the North America version.


  • ACL Staticide 300B Analogue Electrostatic Locator Field Meter, 2-3/8" W x 1-15/16" L x 4-3/8" H

    ID: ACL300B
    Mfr ID: 300B
    ACL's popular analog field meter suits most customers needing to indicate the voltage generated from a charged object. This pocket-sized meter reliably measures the electrostatic field of charged stationary items from 0 +/- 30,000V.


  • ACL Staticide 350 Digital LCD Static Locator, 2.4" W x 0.9" L x 4.2" H

    ID: ACL350
    Mfr ID: 350
    The ACL 350 Digital Static Locator is a non-contact meter that indicates electrostatic field voltage and polarity on charged surfaces. This easy to use instrument comes equipped with a "Power On/Hold" button and a "Zero" button. The easy-to-read 3.5 digit LCD automatically updates three times per second.


  • ACL Staticide 380 4-Color LED Resistivity Meter, 3" W x 1-3/8" L x 5-1/2" H, 10V/100V Test

    ID: ACL380
    Mfr ID: 380
    The ACL 380 handheld surface resistivity meter shows values through an LED scale that is coded with colors to signify conductive, dissipative and insulative. Half decades indicate where the measurement value falls within the decade giving a closer indication to actual value.


  • ACL Staticide 396 Weight Kit, For 395 Resistivity Meter

    ID: ACL396
    Mfr ID: 396
    ACL Staticide Weight Kit.


  • ACL Staticide 741 Proximity Reader, For 750 Personal Grounding Tester

    ID: ACL-741
    Mfr ID: 741
    ACL Staticide is a proximity sensor for the ACL750WS heel and wriststrap tester.


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