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EIS offers a number of specialty fabrication services such as forming, bending, perforating and sewing that can streamline production and manufacturing processes. Web cleaning is also available for mission critical flexible materials.


Our perforating services allow adhesives tapes, film, paper, and other flexible materials to be torn and separated efficiently. The perforating systems can create any style, pattern, or shape using traditional dies or laser cutting.

  • In-line perforating
  • Cross-web and lineal perforations
  • Laser perforating
  • Skip-perforating
  • Micro-perfing
  • Pattern perforating
  • Custom Shapes perfed "in web" in rolls
  • Vast inventory of perf patterns and configurations


EIS' web cleaning services remove surface contamination from material in-line during converting. For example, we can clean optically clear polyester film as it is slit and laminated to optically clear adhesive used for LCD, liquid crystal screens of televisions, mobile phones, back-lit POP displays, and more.

  • 1 or 2 side simultaneous web cleaning
  • Particle transfer (PTR) cleaning rollers
  • Vacuum systems
  • Ionized forced air
  • Static elimination
  • In-line slitting and cleaning
  • Particulate and debris capture and reporting


EIS' forming and bending services include three-dimensional heat forming and cold pressing to convert any flexible material into a finished product or component. Our forming and bending services are a fast and lower-cost alternative to injection molding.


  • Plastic brackets
  • Lexan covers
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Copier, printer, business equipment internal parts
  • Trim strips
  • Paper guides
  • Light and dust seal components

Forming is a great value, low cost, fast delivery alternative to injection molded pieces. EIS can form and bend recommended materials from our world-class supplies or use your supplied materials to your exact specifications.