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EIS' advanced laser system accurately cuts tiny features and intricate designs on a broad range of flexible materials. Precision laser cutting can produce through holes, slots, and diameters that can be significantly smaller and at tighter tolerances than features generated by other converting processes.

  • Micro-components for nanotechnology applications
  • Adhesive-backed film gaskets for DNA sequencers
  • Cellular and molecular well plates
  • Electronic device components

Our laser cutting machines feature a low to high wattage CO2 laser, galvanometer processing, and exact XY motion system cutters that are capable of handling sheets or rolls from small sheets to 40" rolls. Cut components are delivered in loose pieces or kiss cut rolls with or without extended liners or pull tabs. Our laser cutting capabilities include:

  • Precise, automated, high-speed processing of highly accurate cutting, perforating, seaming, etching, welding, marking, and other techniques.
  • Drilling small and intricate features on flexible sheets and roll-to-roll materials

Materials include laminates, VHB tapes, films, foils, papers, foams, rubber, and coated fabrics and mats. Individual parts can range in size up to 28" x 36".


EIS has over 20 different custom slitting and rewinding machines. We slit up to 5,000 lb., 78" wide jumbo rolls of material down to wafer-thin rolls of .030" wide tape and have experience slitting thousands of different adhesive tapes, film, foil, paper, and endless specialty materials.

EIS  slits with all conventional methods such as:

  • Lathe or baloney slitting
  • Rewind slitting
  • Dry edge slitting
  • Zoned adhesive slitting
  • Score slitting
  • Shear slitting
  • Razor slitting
  • Hot knife slitting
  • Crush cutting
  • Reverse loop slitting
  • Rotary slitting
  • Inline web cleaning
  • Fife edge registration slitting
  • Perf & skip slitting

We will slit your supplied material or order material for you and provide finished rolls at any custom width or length desired.


EIS has supplied die-cut tape and specialty materials for over 35 years. We die-cut and laser-cut VHB tapes, films, foils, abrasives, and custom laminates into your desired shape or product to tight tolerances. We die-cut micro pieces from .020" x .020" to large format 80" x 80" industrial gaskets on our 500-ton press. We can laminate, slit and die-cut all inline for efficient manufacturing and fast turnaround of finished products. Precision die-cut components offer automated assembly solutions and save you money. EIS can produce die-cuts from CAD data, spec sheets, or hand sketches.

EIS delivers finished adhesive components by:

  • Complex multi-layer island place die-cutting
  • CAD cutting, plotting, prototyping
  • Laser cutting, perforating inline
  • Wide web rotary die-cutting
  • Flatbed or Progressive die-cutting
  • Steel rule dies made in house
  • Matched metal male/female tooling
  • Multi-layer die-cutting
  • Island placement of materials such as bandage
  • Inline optical registration die-cutting
  • Zoned adhesive or dead-end areas
  • Inline stacking and conveying
  • Die-cuts for automation/pick-and-place dispensing
  • Three-dimensional cutting and forming
  • Liner swapping, split liners, extended tab


EIS' waterjet cutting services are ideal for intricate designs that require a high level of repeatable accuracy. The waterjet cutter uses a digital interface that minimizes set-up time and costs for short- and long-run production. The waterjet cutter is easy to use and offers repeatability of +/- 0.001" and an accuracy of +/- 0.005".

With the use of water, there is little to no adverse mechanical or thermal influence on the materials. The use of water also means there's no sharpening of blades, reducing maintenance and set-up costs. EIS' waterjet cutter is ideal for even the most challenging cutting processes, including soft rubber and foam fabrication, which are difficult to cut with conventional equipment.


Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency, low amplitude vibration to create heat between the two materials being joined. Both materials must be made from similar amorphous polymers and have near equivalent melting points when used with plastics. The thermal rise in the bonded area is produced by the absorption of vibrations and friction of the part's surface. The material plasticizes locally, creating an insoluble connection between both parts within a brief period of time.

The joint quality is uniform because the energy transfer and the released heat remain constant and limited to the joining area. Ultrasonic welding is fast and clean and is well-suited for small parts. For example, ultrasonic welding can be used to create an anti-microbial cover using non-woven fabric material.


EIS' lamination services range from one-step processes to multiple-material laminating processes incorporating final finishing such as punching and cutting. EIS laminates both narrow and wide width materials, with transfer adhesive, double-coated adhesive, or supplied selective adhesive. Laminators can accommodate up to five individual materials together in one pass, and automated tension controls help reduce stretch and curl of output. Complex laminating solutions include zone coating and island placement.

Equipment includes narrow and wide web laminators with inline die-cutting.

Laminating materials include pressure-sensitive adhesives and double-coated adhesives.


EIS provides extremely long length rolls of tape or other materials by:

  • Traverse winding or level winding
  • Dry edge spooling
  • Pyramid winding
  • Slit and wind on any core size or spool type
  • Multi-head tensionless spooling
  • Ability to add an extended or additional liner to acrylic foam tape or free flow tapes
  • We level wind 3M VHB, protective film, tapes, films, foils, and more
  • We convert your supplied material, or we will order material for you and provide finished spools at any custom width or length desired

Benefits of spooling:

  • Lower your operating costs and increase production with long length rolls
  • Increase your profitability by lowering scrap and not stopping your production line
  • For example, 36-yard rolls of some thin materials can be supplied 11,000 yards or 300 TIMES LONGER on one roll


EIS excels in machining capabilities. Our cutting-edge equipment and advanced machining processes allow us to manufacture your parts with exceptional efficiency and precision, enabling us to maintain competitive pricing. Our team of expert programmers diligently create part programs either offline using our CAD/CAM package or directly at the machining stations. With highly skilled and experienced machinists, we ensure top-notch production of your components. Additionally, we adhere to rigorous quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015, to guarantee that your parts are correctly created the first time and every time.


With several Haas CNC lathes, EIS Fabrication Solutions has significantly enhanced its turning capabilities. Our cutting-edge turning equipment and processes enable efficient and precise production of your parts, ensuring competitive pricing. With proficient programmers utilizing our CAD/CAM package both offline and at the machine, alongside skilled machinists, your components are in capable hands.


EIS Fabrication Solutions boasts exceptional sawing and shearing capabilities. Our advanced equipment and streamlined processes ensure efficient and precise production of your parts, resulting in cost-effective solutions for you. With our team of skilled and experienced machinists, your components are expertly created.