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Solar/Photovoltaic manufacturers require support with key processes, engineering and specialty solar materials for reliable, long-lasting product solutions. EIS provides custom converting of solar thin film materials and solar rigid silicon materials, such as protective films or blackout materials, bus bars, edge seal tapes, back sheet laminates and high strength foam tapes.


  • Advanced battery/storage technology for solar applications 
  • Concentrator technology 
  • Inverters  
  • Rigid silicon  
  • Thin film 


EIS has over 200 years of combined experience specializing in in-field analysis and adaptive engineering capabilities to help you lower your cost of energy and extend the lifespan of wind turbine components. Together with our premium suppliers, we have developed and optimized product and bearing designs, along with innovative technical solutions to address challenges and enhance durability and efficiency in the wind energy sector.  


  • Generators 
  • Main shafts 
  • Pitch and yaw bearings 
  • Pitch and yaw drives 
  • Asymmetric bearings


Fabrication Solutions Solar Brochure

Midpoint Bearing Wind Flyer