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EIS serves as a partner for OEMs, manufacturers, and contract manufacturers in the electronics, medical, military/aerospace, renewable energy/solar, transportation/automotive, electrical equipment, and power generation markets. Our unique combination of materials-based assembly solutions, converting expertise, and adhesives knowledge allows the company to deliver innovative solutions across our broad range of target markets.

For example, for transportation and aerospace/defense markets, die-cut adhesives offer lightweight, high-strength alternatives to metal fasteners. Our expertise in insulation, bus bars, and edge sealing in alternate energy is unmatched in the industry. Our cleanroom facilities ensure compliance with medical device manufacturing standards.

An extensive network of partners and suppliers in adhesives and materials allows us to explore new alternatives for our customers continually.


EIS supplies a wide variety of adhesive backed materials to Automotive OEMs and their respective tiers.


We provide quality fabricated electrical insulation material for motors, transformers, and other electrical equipment.


From material selection to die-cut design, EIS can solve your electronic assembly or converting challenge. We are in the forefront of the latest technologies offering customers ways to speed assembly and to add value, functionality and reliability of products.


EIS is a premier provider of converted materials and advanced assembly of medical devices and disposables.


EIS develops some of the nation's most innovative defense products. We look to our experienced engineers for total solutions in specialty converting and fabricated military and aerospace materials.


We combine engineering know-how with its solid materials expertise to offer turn-key custom fabrication solutions for many solar manufacturers, eliminating costly hand assembly operations and improving process flow.


EIS provides high quality machined, turned and cut components for the oil and gas industry.


EIS leads in delivering cost-effective machined components for the fossil fuel, nuclear, wind, and hydro industries. Our capabilities include reverse engineering and distribution of full stator wedge kits and rotor blocking kits to field sites.