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Drawing on decades of experience, our proficiency in stocked industry conforming materials and fabrication precision sets us apart and empowers us to offer full-scale support for all insulation requirements for both rotors and stators. We can execute against a drawing or reverse engineer rotor and stator design. These tactics combined with close customer collaboration play a pivotal role in supporting and guiding critical insulation application demands for all generators. This includes specialized services such as re-wedging, aimed at maintaining optimal stator integrity.

Our fabrication services ensure that designs consistently meet the required specifications.  

Our expertise in fabrication encompasses precision cutting, turning, machining, and forming of high-pressure laminate insulation materials. We excel in both rigid and flexible insulation, utilizing specialty coated and treated materials that are expertly fabricated to meet the industry's demanding standards.  

With robust inventory and strategic distribution sites, we are also able to supply and distribute complete stator wedge kits and rotor blocking kits with our kitting capabilities.



  • Wedges – fossil and hydro
  • Top ripple spring
  • Filler
  • Semi-conductive flat packing
  • Side ripple spring
  • Coil supports
  • Binding bands and radial rings
  • Tooling


  • Slot armor
  • Turn insulation
  • Permanent blocking and creepage
  • Sub slot covers
  • Temp wood
  • Retaining ring insulation
  • Baffles
  • Hydro pole collars and turn insulation


We specialize in the production of various stator wedges, rotor blocking kits, and slot insulation components. Backed by our deep understanding of materials and extensive practical experience, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to these power generation industries:

  • Fossil and Nuclear
  • Wind
  • Hyrdo