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EIS has a robust material inventory and a well-established distribution network, ensuring reliable supply to a broad array of applications in the EV motor manufacturing sector. By teaming up with a company with a strong track record in supplying products to traditional electric motor manufacturers, as well as their Tier and aftermarket partners, your company gains a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of eMobility. EIS provides electrical insulating expertise and materials to manage the high-temperature environments motors face. EIS can help design engineers develop innovative electrical insulation solutions, electrical conductivity, EMI/RFI shielding, heat dissipation, and cushioning for vibration absorption. Employing essential fabrication processes and quick-turn rapid prototyping, we engineer tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your technical specifications.



The energy source for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles is a crucial component of the vehicle manufacturing process. The complexity and power of batteries used in EVs often require the manufacturer to work with a knowledgeable materials expert for electrical insulation, electrical connection, heat dissipation, or packaging and protection. In working with a battery manufacturer, the materials converter should have particular expertise in recommending materials that meet thermal conductivity and electrical insulation requirements and other conditions. For example, EIS can deliver die-cut, insulating foam to cushion and protect the battery, hot melt adhesives for potting, and silicon sponges to improve heat dissipation. 

Designing a battery of any size to perform at optimal levels requires dealing with critical considerations, such as:

  • Use of an interface material to remove/dissipate heat
  • Introduction of an electrical insulator
  • Maintaining proper electrical contact
  • Shielding from debris and environmental conditions
  • Deployment of material for cushion and vibration absorption to protect the cells and electrical leads


EIS has invested in the electric vehicle market to help service the emerging products surrounding this industry. Charging stations are another area where we can provide manufacturing and engineered solutions. Our fabrication and converting division can deliver the products and expertise to help solve any manufacturing challenges.



EIS has extensive experience in providing converted material solutions to the automotive industry. We produce automotive manufacturing materials for applications such as masking for headlights, automotive gasket materials, electrical insulation materials, thermal management materials, and die-cut materials that attach carpeting. We also provide many labeling solutions for application inside electric vehicles.


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