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EIS Collaborates with Henkel Loctite to Unveil Mexico's First-Ever Loctite Showroom in Monterrey

Atlanta, GA—February 5th, 2023

In a groundbreaking move to strengthen our commitment to the electronics market, we have partnered with Henkel Loctite to create Mexico's inaugural Loctite showroom at the EIS Monterrey location. This showroom, the first of its kind in the country, aims to showcase cutting-edge Loctite products, materials, and machinery tailored to the electronics industry.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both EIS and Henkel Loctite, underscoring their dedication to providing unparalleled solutions and services to clients in the electronics sector. The showroom will serve as a central hub for industry professionals, offering a comprehensive display of innovative products that align with the evolving needs of the market.

Key highlights of the showroom include:

  • Dedicated Electronics Focus: The showroom is specifically curated to cater to the unique demands of the electronics market, featuring an array of Loctite solutions tailored to enhance efficiency and performance.

  • Distribution Channel Expansion: EIS is set to leverage its extensive distribution channels to make these cutting-edge products and technologies easily accessible to businesses across Mexico.

  • Industry-Leading Products: The showroom will feature an impressive lineup of Loctite products, materials, and machinery, showcasing the latest advancements in adhesive technologies and electronic assembly solutions.

  • Strategic Location: Positioned in Monterrey, a bustling industrial hub in Mexico, the showroom will serve as a central point for professionals seeking the latest innovations in the electronics sector.

As EIS and Henkel Loctite unveil this pioneering initiative, the companies invite industry stakeholders, clients, and partners to visit the showroom and witness firsthand the transformative solutions that will shape the future of the electronics market in Mexico.

Contact us for more information about the showroom's offerings.