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Custom End Product Packaging for Commercial and Consumer Applications

EIS provides custom packaging expertise of both fabricated parts and customer-supplied materials. Leveraging our ability to print, package, and kit various products allows us to help OEMs and contract manufacturers produce the exact packaging their product requires. With access to the world's leading materials and adhesive suppliers, including DuPont™, 3M™, Loctite™, Adhesives Research™, and more, EIS converts materials including single and multilayer films, electrical, industrial and medical grade papers, and multilayer laminations that might include film, paper, and foil. We can then package these products to maximize our customer's needs for both commercial and consumer-grade end product packaging.


Digital Printers can personalize individual packages using variable print capabilities. Personalization is perfect for corporate or personal gift opportunities. Our flat sheet "Fold-Ups™" are optimized for digital printing equipment and die-cut utilizing a proprietary, snap-clean edge technology. This enables efficient custom short-runs, easy folding capability, and quality printing.


  • Quick and easy 3D promotional ideas
  • Over 100 styles and different products to choose from
  • Short-Run Orders
  • Digitally Printable
  • Pre-cut, scored, and perforated sheets ready to be printed
  • Ships flat, 200 per box
  • Cost-effective, recyclable
  • Easy to assemble

Fold Ups™ are personalized marketing solutions ideal for:

  • Variable Image Personalization (V.I.P.) mailers
  • Restaurants
  • Colleges
  • B2B & Product promotions
  • Information Desks
  • Doctor and Professional Offices


EIS stocks a large inventory of packaging tapes and box sealing tapes for use in production and product packaging. EIS can provide stock sizes or custom slit widths as needed.

We also have a full line of surface protection films for use in packaging electronics, appliances, and other sensitive components. We can also provide specialty bar code and product identification labels in a variety of colors and configurations.