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EIS and Midpoint Bearing receive ACP'S Outstanding Sustainable Exhibitor Award

EIS & Midpoint Bearing

June 10, 2022

EIS and Midpoint Bearing are honored to be recognized by the American Clean Power Association (ACP) as the recipient of their Outstanding Sustainable Exhibitor Award at the CLEANPOWER Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas.  

Out of hundreds of exhibitors, Midpoint Bearing’s booth was one of two highlighted by the ACP for their commitment to sustainable business practices and concerted effort to design a reusable, environmentally-friendly exhibit. One key area that set Midpoint apart was the decision to invest in high-quality, purposeful giveaway items that can be utilized for customers in their workplace, ensuring that promotional materials were functional and created minimal waste. 

“Designing a environmentally-conscious exhibit space is one piece of a much larger sustainability commitment, championed by EIS’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee,” shares Director of Marketing and ESG Committee Co-Chair, Lindsay Hartman. “EIS and Midpoint are still at the beginning of our ESG journey, but we know that every choice matters. Addressing our environmental impact can’t just rest on our manufacturing and technical teams. We can find ways to make a difference in every facet of our work.” 

“Promoting strong environmental practices not only creates a positive impact on our communities, it creates positive business outcomes,” explains EIS CEO, Glenn Pennycook.  “We have a responsibility to our industry and our employees, and we take that very seriously. We’re appreciate the ACP’s commitment to sustainability and are honored by their recognition for our ongoing efforts.” 

EIS and Midpoint continue to invest in sustainable, reusable marketing materials and have committed to increasing their efforts in their 2023 tradeshow exhibits. “It’s a process,” added Hartman. “Every step is important and we’re excited to continue finding innovative ways to incorporate our ESG principles into our tradeshow and event planning processes.” 

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