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The importance of the correct label is often overlooked. The label is the last component in the product and is a crucial ingredient in the product’s identity. Labels can:

  • Brand the product with a name or trademark that proves its authenticity
  • Provide instructions on use
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Provide key safety information
  • Enable tracking through bar code

EIS is an experienced converter and printer of industrial, specialty, UL, and pressure-sensitive labels with thicknesses ranging from 0.002 inches to 0.012 inches (thicker depending on the material) and widths up to 13 inches. We help customers to select the appropriate label for a specific application.

EIS delivers the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: we do it right the first time
  • Superior quality: labels are durable and easy-to-read
  • Precision tracking: bar code labels remain machine-readable
  • Aesthetically pleasing: for strong brand identity and recognition
  • Reduced liability: safety, instruction, and warning labels are clear and concise
  • Appropriate construction: the proper adhesive and material for the application

Industrial labels can include: UL, warning, voltage, wire marker tape, tamper-evident, bar code, thermal transfer, consecutively numbered labels, serial number, asset, logistics, reflective, warehouse, and OEM. EIS can print labels for application to electrical machinery, electronics, engines, transformers, appliances, aerosols, solar modules, batteries, and medical devices.


EIS offers a line of product decoration labeling for customers looking for a high-quality label for consumer product applications. The unsupported poly roll-fed labels are popular for superior branding and graphics. In addition, as roll-fed products, they provide increased production efficiencies and cost-savings.

The poly roll-fed offerings use a variety of films and specialty inks to enhance applications from standard straight-wall aerosol cans to single-serve beverage containers.

In addition to roll-fed labels, EIS provides pressure-sensitive labels. EIS has a quality product that can meet any customer’s labeling needs, whether applied manually or using automated equipment.

We will assemble and kit the labels in rolls that meet customer specifications for easy integration in their manufacturing processes.


EIS offers a line of product decoration labeling for customers looking for a high-quality label for consumer product applications. The cut and stack method is popular for food and beverage containers, health and beauty packaging, and aerosol spray cans. Our cut and stack labels are compatible with most high-speed application equipment, making them a cost-efficient solution for any production environment.

EIS can make cut and stack labels from various materials using standard or specialty inks to enhance the visual appeal of any product.

In addition to cut and stack labels, EIS provides pressure-sensitive and poly roll-to-roll label printing capabilities. Whether applied manually or using automated equipment, EIS can produce an excellent product that will meet any customer’s labeling needs.


Printed tape can be used to hold a cable or component in place while providing identification, instructions, color coding, or various other types of information.

EIS provides proprietary printing on tape capabilities that offer good adhesion and clear printing with backing materials, such as polyester and polyethylene. The materials bond well with printing inks and provide a smooth surface for high print quality.

We select application-specific adhesives that provide strong adhesion to the back of the tape, plus good release without removing ink or leaving a residue that obscures the printing.

EIS uses a flexographic printing system that prints directly on the printable tape backing. Water-based or UV inks are used, and a proprietary process prevents the transfer of ink from the backing materials to the attached adhesive as the tape is unrolled.

Information can be printed in letter or numeric format in multiple colors. Rolls can be slit to any specifications and provided with tape dispensers to reduce labor in the application.