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Inventory Management (AIMS)

Our AIMS suite of inventory management solutions offers you the opportunity to enhance every aspect of your workflow by giving you absolute control through accuracy, visibility, and velocity. The AIMS Team will coordinate with yours to cater a custom solution to achieve a more efficient internal and external supply chain. Reduce total cost of ownership, increase profitability and cash flow, and become more competitive and relevant in your market with AIMS.

Cloud-based scanned inventory management

Working closely with your EIS Rep and the EIS AIMS team is key to finding the best AIMS solution for your needs. Your EIS Rep will help figure out the right mix of products, the right inventory levels, and frequency of replenishment orders. Orders will be triggered based on minimum/maximum levels or reorder points, keeping things simple and effective. Plus, the team will make sure that the timing of these orders aligns perfectly with your receiving schedule, making the whole process smooth and hassle-free. 

  • Integrated, automated, and low-cost inventory management
  • Point of use inventory with defined stocking levels
  • Bar-coded materials for traceability
  • Use either hand-held scanners or your own device such as a smartphone or tablet to scan AIMS items
  • Immediate feedback with automated correspondence
  • Frequent replenishment to minimize stocking levels
  • Reporting and reviewing for managing stocking levels and flow



  • Available 24/7 through a web browser, tablet, and smartphone
  • Fully integrated with EIS ERP System
  • Can be integrated with customer's ERP Systems

Customer Accessible

  • Can be completely managed through a web browser
  • On-demand reporting - usage, inventory levels & cost centers

Homogenized Inventory Management

  • Consigned, owned & third-party materials handled together with one interface and one scanner

Self-serve secure cabinets accessible 24/7

Your EIS Rep takes a personalized approach to help you choose the perfect device and identify the items essential for your management. Once selected, EIS ensures a hassle-free experience by delivering and setting up the device, handling the initial fill seamlessly. Access to the device is user-friendly, whether through a login ID or the convenient option of scanning an ID badge. The interactive touchscreen or keyboard allows users to effortlessly select and retrieve products from the device. Notably, all transactions unfold in real-time, promptly transmitted to the cloud-based portal, ensuring a smooth and responsive system that keeps your operations in sync and at your fingertips.

  • Improved product availability (24/7; Point-of-Use; In-Stock)
  • Reduced crib management costs
  • Reduced on-hand inventory levels
  • Pilferage reduction; hoarding elimination
  • Product standardization
  • Reduced carrying costs
  • Reduced procurement costs through auto re-ordering


Automated Point-of-Use Dispensing Technology

  • Stock inventory where you need it

Monitor & Track Key Data

  • Track usage information, provide accountability, and collect cost information
  • Generate re-order instructions to ensure availability of needed supplies

Manage Inventory & Expenses

  • Help reduce consumption, properly allocate expenses, lower on-hand inventory levels, and eliminate hoarding