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Inventory Management (AIMS)

Automated Inventory Management Solutions (AIMS)

Profitable businesses cannot afford to operate in an environment where inventory control is only a waypoint to your success. Our AIMS suite of inventory management solutions offers you the opportunity to enhance every aspect of your workflow by giving you absolute control through accuracy, visibility, and velocity. The AIMS Team will coordinate with yours to cater a custom solution to achieve a more efficient internal and external supply chain. Reduce total cost of ownership, increase profitability and cash flow, and become more competitive and relevant in your market with AIMS.

AIMS Replenish


Cloud-based bar code inventory management

  • Integrated, automated, and low-cost inventory management
  • Point of use inventory with defined stocking levels
  • Bar-coded materials for traceability
  • Hand-held scanners provide the withdrawal signal
  • Immediate feedback with automated correspondence
  • Frequent replenishment to minimize stocking levels
  • Reporting and reviewing for managing stocking levels and flow
AIMS Dispense


Self-serve secure cabinets accessible 24/7

  • Improved product availability (24/7; Point-of-Use; In-Stock)
  • Reduced crib management costs
  • Reduced on-hand inventory levels
  • Pilferage reduction; hoarding elimination
  • Product standardization
  • Reduced carrying costs
  • Reduced procurement costs through auto re-ordering