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EIS offers a wide range of flexible materials and adhesives for converting, laminating, and slitting for applications in electrical, electronics, medical, military/aerospace, power conversion, renewable energy, and transportation. An extensive network of world-class suppliers allows us to procure the exact material our customers' applications require.

With our Advanced Assembly team, customers can explore alternate design options, materials, and adhesives before investing in manufacturing. The result is a better design and final product.

EIS is a recognized leader in cost-effective product design and engineering and custom converting, and custom fabrication services for flexible materials.


EIS offers a full range of functional, slip-resistant materials designed for the safety of people in the workplace. As a leading global manufacturer of slip-resistant products, 3M offers a full range of functional, slip-resistant materials designed for the safety of people in the workplace. These mineral and non-mineral coated anti-slip materials are suitable for industrial or residential applications in dry, wet, or oily conditions. 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads adhere to clean, dry surfaces without wrinkling, curling, tearing, shrinking, or lifting. Additionally, anti-slip materials offer proven durability for long life. A pressure-sensitive adhesive backing makes it easy to apply tapes and treads without the use of anchoring. 3M™ Safety-Walk™ products meet or exceed the standards and recommended guidelines for slip resistance under ASTM requirements.

Standard rolls and pre-cut treads are available in various sizes, colors, and textures ranging from fine resilient, medium resilient, and general-purpose to coarse and conformable material types. EIS can easily produce custom sizes, pieces, and die-cut shapes. 


EIS carries & converts a wide selection of tapes and adhesive systems used for bonding and attachment. In addition, our extensive fabrication capabilities and experience also allow us to manufacture these bonding materials to the most exacting specifications.

Bonding tapes and Attachment tapes have pressure-sensitive adhesive on TWO sides of a carrier to bond dissimilar materials together. Many levels of bond strength are available in these products, from permanent to completely repositionable. Any material substrate can be bonded: metal, paper, silicone rubber, fabric, skin, and more.

We provide bonding materials for interior and exterior bonding applications, replacing rivets, spot welds, and other permanent fasteners. Bonding tapes are made with different chemistries that withstand weather, chemical resistance, UV exposure, liquids, energy-absorbing materials, and stress relaxing properties.


Frequently, requirements for insulation, surface protection, chemical resistance, and thermal management translate into a need for specialty converted coated fabric materials.

EIS laminates, slits, and die-cuts coated fabric products for these applications with good, clean edge cuts that prevent unraveling. Coated glass, cotton, and aramid mat material can be laminated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to offer high-temperature resistance with excellent dielectric strength. Fabrics may be laminated with conductive adhesives and then die-cut to address EMI/RFI shielding and structural requirements.


EIS provides materials selection and die-cutting expertise for EMC/EMI/RFI shielding applications in electronics, including consumer electronics. These materials can be die-cut into components to protect sensitive electronics from internal emissions or to protect users from external device emissions.


EIS assists our customers in selecting the best films and papers for their intended use. From converted adhesive film to insulating paper, EIS relies on our engineering design expertise and sourcing power to fully support our customers' design engineers.


EIS is a world-class supplier of die-cut, high-performance materials used in gaskets, cushions, and sealing applications. We inventory hundreds of custom materials manufactured into finished parts to meet the most exacting tolerances for mission-critical applications.


EIS has many years of experience in the slitting and die-cutting of automotive masking materials and general industrial applications. 

As a 3M Preferred Converter™, EIS can offer our customers jumbo rolls of 3M masking materials from our extensive inventory. EIS has a broad range of slitting and die-cutting equipment that converts masking tape to custom slit widths or die-cut the tape into complex shapes. These die-cut masking parts are converted to tolerances that will meet the demands of the most intricate masking project. Die-cut masking materials are available in rolls or on sheets to best meet the requirements of your application. 


EIS can offer a wide range of materials for use in product packaging. From box sealing to protection materials, EIS has a product to meet your packaging needs.


EIS offers a complete line of Reclosable Fastening systems supplied, cut to size, mated, with permanent adhesive backers.

As a 3M™ Preferred Converter, EIS can provide our customers with 3M ™ Dual Lock ™ Reclosable Fasteners. These products have been used extensively in transportation, electronics, business equipment, machinery, medical, and sign and display markets. When the mushroom-shaped stems interlock, tensile strength is high enough to replace mechanical fasteners in many applications, yet you can readily open and close Dual Lock fasteners hundreds of times.

When your product calls for thousands of easy openings and closings, 3M ™ Scotchmate ™ Reclosable Fasteners pull through for you. Tiny, stiff hooks mesh with pliable loops for quick, secure fastening. In addition, Scotchmate™ reclosable fasteners are backed with 3M™ adhesive technology expertise, ranging from rubber adhesives to high-performance, double-coated foam tape that can be adhered to most surfaces to provide a solution strong as you need—nylon, flame-retardant, sewable, loop and great for aerospace applications.


EIS converts Conspicuity and Reflective Markings & Signage for a variety of safety enhancement applications.

Conspicuity materials can be used in the following applications:

  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Work Zones
  • Traffic Safety Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Mine Safety
  • Marine and more

EIS provides custom rolls, shapes, and custom signs made from the full line of 3M™ Diamond Grade Reflective Conspicuity marking, striping, and film materials.

Our signs and markings improve visibility anywhere enhancing safety or visibility are essential.

Signs and markings ARE available in all DOT and major colors on film, flexible or rigid sign materials: Aluminum, Plastic, Dibond, Magnetic backed, VHB, Adhesive backed, and permanent protective film face. Using our proprietary cutting and edge sealing system, we can fabricate these materials into any size, shape, or configuration.


EIS offers release liners that are compatible with a variety of adhesive systems, including rubber, acrylic, and silicone. Our engineering design team carefully selects liner materials to provide the optimum release characteristics required by the adhesive backing for slit and custom die-cut materials. Non-adhesive parts need low-tack adhesive liners compatible with the manufacturing process's intended speed and accuracy requirements.

Release liners are made from films and papers of various thicknesses and degrees of rigidity.

Liners used by EIS include:

  • Easy or medium-release
  • One or two-side release

EIS offers a wide range of product design and engineering capabilities and various custom fabrication services, such as custom die-cutting and rotary die-cutting.


Tapes are high-quality, double-coated, and made for easy application. These products are the ideal material to be used when repositioning of parts may be needed. These products allow for the same part to be easily removed, if required, for repositioning.

EIS offers both high and low tack variations of these products allowing for near limitless application. The high tack material in this product line is an excellent example of a high flow adhesive that is best used for bonding complex materials such as fabric, contoured material, and foam.

Variations available are:

  • Tissue carrier
  • High/Medium & Low tack Solutions
  • Acrylic adhesive for permanent adhesion
  • Linerless and linered available
  • Closed foam and foam tape
  • High heat up to 450F
  • Low temp to -40F

These products provide adhesion to:

  • Metal
  • HSE Plastic
  • LSE Plastic
  • Foam


EIS provides surface protection films and surface protection tape solutions for temporary and permanent surface protection. We can provide these materials in rolls or custom die cuts.

Our experienced engineering team can guide you to the best material solution for your application. We offer a broad range of multi-surface protection films for indoor and exterior applications to help prevent damage to surfaces and products. Our temporary surface protection films and tapes offer clean, stain-free removal and eliminate scratches, marring, & UV discoloration.

We stock surface protection tape and films used on:

  • Automotive Class A surfaces
  • Automotive Mirrors, Automotive Lights
  • Dashboard and display
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Displays
  • Graphics and Signage
  • Metals & Metal Fabrication
  • Marble Sinks and Countertops
  • Carpet Protection
  • Kick Plates, Light Switches
  • Aerospace Products

Protection Film features:

  • Abrasion & Scratch Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Custom Colors, Tints, Surface Printing
  • Custom Shapes, Widths & Lengths
  • Custom Perforations in ANY configuration
  • Products delivered in rolls, pads, laser cut or die-cut pieces with tabs and split liners


EIS has in-depth experience in creating custom solutions for thermal management using thermal materials and adhesives from industry-leading suppliers.

Effective thermal management becomes critical as systems in all industries become smaller, denser, and operate at elevated temperatures. EIS converts thermal material to dissipate and transfer heat away from sensitive components to heat sinks or the ambient environment. To prevent excess heat from having expensive repercussions on system performance and safety, EIS uses:

  • Phase-change materials that change from solids to liquids while absorbing heat;
  • Adhesives and greases that sit between a heat-generating device and a heat sink;
  • Pressure-sensitive tapes that mount components to heat sinks, such as elastomer gaskets;
  • Thermal fabrics (fiberglass reinforced, ceramic-filled polymer) that provide thermal conductivity and electrical isolation;
  • Tapes, elastomer pads, and coated fabrics that provide thermal impedance or thermal conductivity;
  • Silicone sponge materials for heat absorption or heat transmission.

EIS works with leading materials suppliers like 3M, DuPont, Von Roll, and Saint-Gobain to suggest the best thermal material solution for a specific application. Our die-cutting and lamination capabilities ensure that customers receive thermal materials or combinations of materials to meet their needs. An in-house test lab allows EIS to try different materials with different thermal characteristics early in the design stage to avoid unnecessary problems, delays, and expenses.


EIS supplies adhesive tapes to support a variety of manufacturing processes, both for bonding and joining, and to mark certain areas for painting and varnishing. Tapes are integral components of specific electrical systems, such as motors and transformers.