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Doing business better and smarter will help you achieve your business goals by driving down costs and increasing profitability. Your customers will experience a higher level of service as you take full control of your supply chain by operating seamlessly and autonomously with EIS. We offer a suite of business process automation solutions which converts manual, repeatable, and inefficient tasks into direct digital channels of communication with best-in-class practices. Our platforms are designed to reduce errors, increase velocity, promote supply chain visibility, and maintain your relevance to ever-changing market conditions.


Providing customers with a centralized marketplace with access to the full line of EIS products while transacting seamlessly and cost effectively, the EIS website is a robust platform built to serve. From ordering, to looking up safety and tech data sheets, and finding product details, our website is an ecosystem built to save you time while providing product, order, and quote information so you can run your business resourcefully.


EDI is a set of standards that defines common formats for information to be exchanged electronically between two organizations transacting together. This allows companies to speak the same language electronically and communicate more efficiently. EDI is utilized in all manners of business transactions, but applied to our trading partners the order cycle is completely autonomous by removing manual, human intervention. This type of exchange is both operationally beneficial to both parties where cost is removed, speed and accuracy surges, and productivity and efficiency is elevated. It’s also strategically beneficial in the long term as the trading partners are now facilitating growth through enhanced engagement and upgraded business management. Connecting directly with EDI will allow your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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