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  • Menda Tools 3501 Badge Holder

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 3501
    Mfr: Menda
    ESD Dissipative Badge Holder is highly visible with yellow header and ESD protective symbol allowing people to immediately know the badge holder has ESD control properties, Tribocharging less than 100 volts, Made with a custom dissipative material.


  • Kimberly Clark 36885 Shoe Cover, Universal, SMS fabric, White

    ID: 36885-KIM
    Mfr ID: 36885
    Kimberly Clark Shoe Cover is fully elasticized, Breathable, patented Microforce barrier SMS fabric, Passes NFPA 99 criteria for antistatic materials.


  • Botron B20023 Conductive Shoe Cover, 8" W x 14" L, Polypropylene

    ID: B20023-BOT
    Mfr ID: B20023
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron's shoe covers are constructed from a medium weight spun polypropylene fabric. Both the B20020 and B20023 come in two sizes.


  • Clean ESD Products BC201 Bouffant Cap

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: BC201
    Clean ESD bouffant caps made of spunbonded polypropylene.


  • Botron Conductive Shoe Cover

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: B20020
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron’s Shoe Covers are constructed from a medium weight spun polypropylene fabric, our conductive shoe covers feature a sewn-in conductive ribbon with a surface resistance of 106.

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  • Menda Tools 35060 Pocket Ticket Holder, 3-3/8" W x 4-3/8" L, Clear

    ID: 35060-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35060
    Mfr: Menda
    Ticket Holder is for short term use at trade shows, meetings, sporting venues, concerts or other special events, 0.010 Inch thick vinyl on front and back, feature top reinforcing strips.


  • Menda Tools 35067 Breakaway Neck Lanyard, 1/8" W x 27" L

    ID: 35067-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35067
    Mfr: Menda
    Anti-Static breakaway neck lanyard is soft, frosty clear vinyl presents a low profile that doesn't compete with clothing. Strap snaps around the neck and attaches to clip-on or retractable badge holder, for short term use.


  • Menda Tools 35079 Premium Retractable Round Slide Clip Badge Reel, 1-1/4" W x 3-3/8" L, Vinyl Strap, Solid Black

    ID: 35079-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35079
    Mfr: Menda
    Premium retractable round badge reel with side clip is designed for anyone that needs to keep an ID badge, keys or small tools, Use the clear vinyl strap to fasten your premium badge to the reel.


  • Botron B20005 Face Mask, 7" x 3.5", Non-Woven, Blue and White

    ID: B20005-BOT
    Mfr ID: B20005
    Mfr: Botron
    The disposable B20005 is a non-linting and non woven face mask. It features a floss covered elastic ear loop for comfort and support as well as a flexible sewn-in nose adjustment for a secure fit.


  • Clean ESD Products TO6PVC-S/M Shoe Cover, PVC

    ID: TO6PVC-S/M
    Mfr ID: TO6PVC-S/M
    Clean ESD Shoe Cover made of Tyvek and PVC Sole.