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The latest designs and technology in illumination, making your repair work strain-free and your quality-control work most accurate. Powerful, ergonomic-minded, state-of-the-art lighting equipment to meet all your rework and hands-on needs for all inspection tasks.
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  • GE Lighting 35200 Multi-Mirror® Quartzline® Halogen Projector Lamp, 21V, 155W, 50-3/16 mm dia

    Mfr ID: 35200
    GE Lighting Multi-Mirror Quartzline Projector Lamp, Size: 50.8 mm dia, 44.45 mm Maximum Overall Length, Voltage Rating: 21V, Wattage: 155W, Base: GX5.3 (2-Pin), Shape: MR16, 3250K Color Temperature, 100 CRI, 250 hr Lamp Life, Halogen Lamp, Lumens: 200 lm.

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  • Duracell PCIND Procell® Heavy Duty D Flashlight with Switch Guard, 24VDC, Yellow/Black

    Mfr ID: PCIND
    Mfr: Duracell
    Duracell's heavy duty industrial light whose housing is oil and chemical resistant with a large hanger hook on the base. Computerized parabolic reflector provides high light transmittance.


  • O.C. White 13367 Replacement Lamp, 22W, 8" dia, Cool White

    ID: 13367-OCW
    Mfr ID: 13367
    O.C. White Replacement Lamp.


  • Waldmann 190-054-019 Add-On Lens, 2X, 4 Diopter

    ID: 190-054-019
    Mfr ID: 190-054-019
    When added to the 4-diopters RLLE provides 8-diopters of magnification and when added to the 4+12-diopter RLLE provides 8+16-diopters of magnification.


  • Waldmann 190-080-049 ESD Add-On Lens, 2X, 4 Diopter, 3.63" L x 2" W

    ID: 190-080-049
    Mfr ID: 190-080-049
    Waldmann Magnifier 4d (2X) and 4d+12d (2X + 4X) add lenses on top of the permanent stadium shaped 3d (1.75X) for the omnivue ESD series.


  • Aven 26.501-SLA ProVue Swing-Away Lens, 2.25X, 5 Diopter

    ID: 26.501SLA-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26.501-SLA
    Aven ProVue Swing-Away Lens, Diopter: 5, Magnification: 2.25X, For Use With: ProVue, Mighty Mag Series Magnifiers.


  • Aven 26800B-461 Auxiliary Lens, 0.5X, 54 mm dia x 16 mm H, 9.45 Inch Focal

    ID: 26800B-461-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26800B-461
    Aven Auxiliary Lens, Size: 16 mm H x 54 mm dia, Focal Distance: 9.45 Inch, Magnification: 0.5X, For Use With: DSZ, NSW and SPZ Series Microscopes.


  • Menda Tools 35121 Low Voltage Replacement Lamp, 3V

    ID: 35121-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35121
    Mfr: Menda
    Menda Tools Low Voltage Replacement Lamp, Voltage Rating: 3V, Base: TL3, For Use With: 35100 and 35130 Circuitracer and Continuity Testers.


  • Glamox 60001-LG-LUX Bracket, 2-1/4" Opening, Light Gray

    ID: 60001-LG-LUX
    Mfr ID: 60001-LG-LUX
    Mfr: Luxo
    Glamox Light Gray Bracket.


  • ID:
    Mfr ID: 6212WH
    Mfr: Energizer
    Secure the 6212WH to a pocket or clipboard and it stays put The sturdy pocket clip and long-life push button switch add to the durability of this penlight. Specially designed for the medical industry, it provides a concentrated bright beam. In addition, it's white color instantly identifies it is a medical light.


  • Duracell DL123A Lithium Ion Battery, 3V, 1470mA/hr, AA/AAA

    ID: DL123A
    Mfr ID: DL123A
    Mfr: Duracell
    Duracell's Ultra batteries are specially formulated to meet the increasing power demands of a new generation of high power devices. Highly recommended by Surefire, inova and Streamlight for their flashlights the Duracell's ULTRA DL123A batteries are an exact equivalent for any and all CR123A applications.


  • Energizer EN22 Standard Alkaline Battery, 9V, 72/Case

    ID: EN22-EVE
    Mfr ID: EN22
    Mfr: Energizer
    Energizer Industrial Alkaline 9V Batteries offers an economical, high rate source of portable power for today's devices that require heavy current or continuous use, each battery provides four to nine times more energy than similar sized carbon zinc batteries.

    In Stock

  • Scienscope FC-A2-36 Fiber Optic Annular LED Ring Illuminator, 2.3" ID, 5870K

    ID: FC-A2-36
    Mfr ID: FC-A2-36
    The Scienscope FC-A2-36 Fiber Optic Annular Ring light is for use with Scienscope LED Fiber Optic Illuminator which is a light source for Scienscope microscopes. On one end, the Fiber Optic Annular Ring light is connected to the objective lens and focus arm and on the other end it is connected to the Fiber Optic Illuminator.


  • Scienscope IL-RA-FB Halogen Replacement Lamp, 150W, 21V

    ID: IL-RA-FB
    Mfr ID: IL-RA-FB
    Scienscope Replacement Lamp, Voltage Rating: 21V, Wattage: 150W, Halogen Lamp, For Use With: Illuminator Model Numbers IL-FOI-150 and IL-88-FOI.


  • Scienscope IL-WH-MLB Replacement Lamp, 12W, White

    Mfr ID: IL-WH-MLB
    Scienscope Replacement Lamp for IL-88-TL and IL-FR-21 fluorescent ring light.


  • Scienscope IL-LED-R2 LED Ring Illuminator, 2.3" ID Collar, 3 - 5W

    ID: IL-LED-R2
    Mfr ID: IL-LED-R2
    Dual ring light design, white fuse light. Light intensity control. Less reflection on specular surfaces (solder, metal parts, etc). 1.5M power cord.


  • O.C. White 1936 Linear LED Machine Light, 120V at 50/60 Hz, 38W, White

    ID: LED-1936-120V-OCW
    Mfr ID: 1936
    The world's most advanced machine light is here! Slim, sexy and what a workhorse! IP67 rated for industrial abuse. Heavy Duty die cast aluminum body with rugged, clear tempered safety glass cover (replaceable). This "Patent Pending" American Made O.C, white LED linear light features incredibly high light output at only 36W (highest setting). Optional full dimming capability and segment control allows you to light only the area desired with extremely long life spans.


  • IAC QS-01620-1960 Fluorescent LT Light Fixture, 60" L, Soft Gray Frame

    ID: QS-01620-1960
    Mfr ID: QS-01620-1960
    The IAC is a QS series light fixture with a mounting type of surface mount with 48 Inch light mounted to a 60 Inch or 72 Inch support structure.


  • GE Lighting 1460 Miniature Incandescent Replacement Lamp, 18W, 6.5V, 1" dia

    ID: 1460-GE
    Mfr ID: 1460
    GE Lighting Miniature Replacement Lamp, Size: 1 Inch dia, 2 Inch Maximum Overall Length, Voltage Rating: 6.5V, Wattage: 18W, Amperage Rating: 2.75A, Base: P30D / DC PreFocus, 100 hr Lamp Life, Shape: S8, Incandescent Lamp.


  • Dazor 18W-35 CFL Replacement Lamp, 18W, Warm White

    ID: 18W35-DAZ
    Mfr ID: 18W-35
    Dazor Replacement Lamp, Size: 9 Inch L, Wattage: 18W, Base: 2G11 4-Pin, 12000 hr Lamp Life, Shape: Dual Tube, Warm White, 3500K Color Temperature, 82 CRI, CFL Lamp, Lumens: 1250 lm, For Use With: Stretchview Magnifiers.


  • Waldmann Add-On Lens

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 190-080
    Waldmann Magnifier 4d (2X) and 4d+12d (2X + 4X) add lenses on top of the permanent stadium shaped 3d (1.75X) for the omnivue series.


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