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The latest designs and technology in illumination, making your repair work strain-free and your quality-control work most accurate. Powerful, ergonomic-minded, state-of-the-art lighting equipment to meet all your rework and hands-on needs for all inspection tasks.
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  • GE Lighting 1460 Miniature Incandescent Replacement Lamp, 18W, 6.5V, 1" dia

    ID: 1460-GE
    Mfr ID: 1460
    GE Lighting Miniature Replacement Lamp, Size: 1 Inch dia, 2 Inch Maximum Overall Length, Voltage Rating: 6.5V, Wattage: 18W, Amperage Rating: 2.75A, Base: P30D / DC PreFocus, 100 hr Lamp Life, Shape: S8, Incandescent Lamp.


  • Dazor 18W-35 CFL Replacement Lamp, 18W, Warm White

    ID: 18W35-DAZ
    Mfr ID: 18W-35
    Dazor Replacement Lamp, Size: 9 Inch L, Wattage: 18W, Base: 2G11 4-Pin, 12000 hr Lamp Life, Shape: Dual Tube, Warm White, 3500K Color Temperature, 82 CRI, CFL Lamp, Lumens: 1250 lm, For Use With: Stretchview Magnifiers.


  • Waldmann Add-On Lens

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 190-080
    Waldmann Magnifier 4d (2X) and 4d+12d (2X + 4X) add lenses on top of the permanent stadium shaped 3d (1.75X) for the omnivue series.


  • Aven 26505-B09 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W

    ID: 26.505B-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26505-B09
    Aven Fluorescent Replacement Lamp For Might Vue Series Magnifiers.


  • Aven 26800B-463 Auxiliary Lens, 1.6X, 54 mm dia x 15 mm H

    ID: 26800B-463-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26800B-463
    Aven Auxiliary Lens, Size: 15 mm H x 54 mm dia, Magnification: 1.6X, For Use With: DSZ, NSW and SPZ Series Microscopes.


  • Glamox 36205 CFL Replacement Lamp, 13W

    ID: 36205-LUX
    Mfr ID: 36205
    Mfr: Luxo
    Glamox CFL Replacement Lamp for wave plus magnifiers.


  • Waldmann 450-009-120 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W, White

    ID: 450-009-120
    Mfr ID: 450-009-120
    Waldmann T4 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • Waldmann 950-900-038 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W, White

    ID: 950-900-038
    Mfr ID: 950-900-038
    Waldmann Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • AEMC Instruments 2118.57 Battery Pack, 12V, For Model 8510 Digital Transformer Ratiometer

    ID: AEMC2118.57
    Mfr ID: 2118.57
    AEMC Instruments Battery Pack for model 8510 digital transformer ratiometer


  • Energizer E90BP-2 Alkaline Battery, 1.5V, 1A/hr

    ID: E90BP-2-EVE
    Mfr ID: E90BP-2
    Mfr: Energizer
    Energizer Alkaline Battery, Material: Plastic Label Jacket, Terminals: Flat Top, Battery Voltage: 1.5V, Capacity: 1A/hr, Dimensions: 0.472 Inch dia x 1.1889 Inch H.


  • IAC MTS Fluorescent Economy Light

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: MTS
    The Multi-Task System enables users to configure above-the-worksurface storage and accessories on an existing workbench and it is perfect for upgrading on a budget.


  • Energizer EPX76BP Battery, 1.5V, 200mA/hr

    Mfr ID: EPX76BP
    Mfr: Energizer
    Energizer Photo batteries were developed to provide optimum, long lasting performance for digital cameras. Our lithium batteries also deliver long lasting power for today's high-tech flashlights, flash units, rifle scopes, even night-vision goggles.


  • O.C. White FL1000 Micro-Lite® Fluorescent Ring Illuminator, 2-23/64" ID

    ID: FL1000
    Mfr ID: FL1000
    Micro-Lite High/Low Fluorescent Ring Illuminator is the highest quality fluorescent ring on the market. The exclusive "flicker-free" design makes for fatigue free usage. Our specialized ballast technology eliminates flickering that can cause eye fatigue, and allows for more lumen output per watt used. This is in a class all its own. 2.35 Inch ID, with a whole host of adapters available.


  • O.C. White FL150 Micro-Lite® Deluxe Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, Cool White

    ID: FL150
    Mfr ID: FL150
    O.C. White Micro-Lite Deluxe Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • Scienscope FC-A2-36 Fiber Optic Annular LED Ring Illuminator, 2.3" ID, 5870K

    ID: FC-A2-36
    Mfr ID: FC-A2-36
    The Scienscope FC-A2-36 Fiber Optic Annular Ring light is for use with Scienscope LED Fiber Optic Illuminator which is a light source for Scienscope microscopes. On one end, the Fiber Optic Annular Ring light is connected to the objective lens and focus arm and on the other end it is connected to the Fiber Optic Illuminator.


  • Scienscope IL-FR-24 Fluorescent Ring Illuminator, 2.4" ID, 12W

    ID: IL-FR-24
    Mfr ID: IL-FR-24
    Scienscope Fluorescent Ring Illuminator.


  • Scienscope IL-FR-24B Replacement Lamp, 12W

    ID: IL-FR-24B
    Mfr ID: IL-FR-24B
    Scienscope Replacement Lamp for L-FR-24 fluorescent ring light.


  • IAC Fluorescent Light Fixture

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: QS-201
    Offers the widest angle of light diffusion. Prismatic Diffusers are flat sheets of plastic with a prismatic configuration on the bottom surface to direct light rays at the highest angles from the fixture plane.


  • O.C. White LV2000 Micro-Lite® High Intensity Halogen Black Ring Illuminator, 150W, Black

    ID: LV2000-OCW
    Mfr ID: LV2000
    The Micro-Lite LV2000 is our newest ring illuminator. It features the newest surface mount LED technology that is paired with our exclusive design criteria, to make the highest performance, longest operating, lowest cost LED ring illuminator sold today! The days of having to buy replacement bulbs are a thing of the past! Our ESD Safe LV2000 features instant-on performance, with zero flicker. It is fully dimmable, from 100-0% with an integrated switch on the shade. Our exclusive design also allows for all circuitry to be hidden inside the shade.


  • Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Objective Lens

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: MCO
    Vision Engineering Objective Lens for mantis compact microscopes.


  • Vision Engineering MEO Disposable Lens Protection Cap

    ID: MEO025-VIS
    Mfr ID: MEO-025
    Vision Engineering MEO Series Disposable Lens Protection Cap, For Use With: Mantis Elite Series X4, X8 and X10 Eyepieces.


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