Xiameter RSN-0233 Flake Resin, 20 kg

ID: 800337-UNI Mfr ID: 800337-UNI
Manufactured by: Xiameter
Xiameter RSN-0233 Flake Resin, 138 deg C (Closed Cup) Flash Point, 1.32 At 25 deg C (77 deg F) Specific Gravity, 500 CP At 140 deg C (284 deg F) Viscosity.

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This item may be sold in units of 20.

  • Brand name :  Xiameter
  • Series :  RSN-0233
  • Item Name :  Flake Resin
  • Short Desc :  RESIN FLAKE,RSN-0233,20-KG/BAG
  • Packaging :  20 kg/Bag
  • UNSPSC :  13111000

Xiameter RSN-0233 Flake Resin.

Chemical Properties
Specific Gravity 1.32 
Viscosity 500  cP
Physical Properties
Container Size 20  kg
Container Type Bag 

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Features :

  • Good heat stability
  • Good weatherability
  • 100 percent silicone, hydroxyl-functional resin for use as a binder for powder and liquid coatings
  • Flaked solid resin, hydroxyl functional composition
  • XIAMETER RSN-0233 resin has a closed cup flash point of approximately 138 deg C
  • Product should be stored at or below 25 deg C (77 deg F) in original, unopened containers
  • 99% solids content
  • 6.0% (Ketones, esters, aromatics and chlorinated solvents) hydroxyl content solubility
  • 46.6 deg C glass transition temperature
  • 2500 Mw molecular weight
  • 1.15 degree of substitution
  • Flash Point: 138 deg C (Closed Cup)
  • Viscosity: 500 CP at 140 deg C/284 deg F

Applications :

  • Used Primarily: as a Powder Coating Binder or Co-Binder to Improve Heat Stability and Weatherability, in High-Temperature Coatings Where Initial Hardness and Hot Hardness are Desired, as a Blending Resin With Other Silicone Resins to Improve Hardness, as a Blending Resin in Solvent-Based Organic Coatings to Improve Film Properties