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Looking for Fabrico Medical? Don't worry, you're in the right place! Fabrico Medical is now EIS Fabrication Solutions. 


EIS applies materials and expertise to various applications, including adhesives for diagnostic instruments and medical die-cut parts, complex foam tape conversions, converted special release liners, and more.

For example, design engineers working with medical soft silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in wound care dressings, bandages, and specialty drapes. These adhesives are typically non-traumatic to the wound, minimize pain during removal, and form a seal between the dressing and the skin to reduce the risk of maceration. We have the expertise to identify these adhesives and those that will work best with the application's required substrate. And in sourcing a cost-effective bonding solution, the process of selecting and matching appropriate adhesives and materials is expedited.


Patch pumps, bolus injectors, biosensors, and other body-worn diagnostic “mechanized” devices are composed of small, reusable or one-time-use devices that contain a reservoir of a drug and a small needle on the side facing the patient.


We can provide the materials and adhesives expertise to meet unique application requirements with innovative solutions for design engineers focusing on wound care, ostomy appliances, surgical drapes, and any medical devices that stick to a patient’s skin.


With the advent of more cost-effective manufacturing techniques, microfluidic devices are being used as diagnostic tools to test small medical, food, or environmental samples.


We work with medical OEMs and contract manufacturers to create high-quality products and drive down manufacturing costs of medical devices and equipment.


We provide the medical packaging expertise, materials, adhesives, and equipment to help medical OEMs and contract manufacturers produce the exact packaging their product requires.


We have extensive experience in the design and production of transdermal delivery systems for cosmeceutical patches, nutraceutical patches, aromatherapy patches, and medical patches.


EIS works with engineers designing nonwoven applications to select and test the nonwoven material, select and test an appropriate adhesive, and ensure that the design meets manufacturability requirements.


EIS is a medical converter with expertise in selecting and applying low trauma adhesives to medical applications, such as wound care dressings, surgical dressings, bandages, ostomy appliances, and other stick-to-skin applications.