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Design for Low Mechanical Trauma in Wound Care Removal

EIS is a medical converter with expertise in selecting and applying low trauma adhesives to medical applications, such as wound care dressings, surgical dressings, bandages, ostomy appliances, and other stick-to-skin applications.


Adhesion to the skin is always a balancing act. When adhesion is low, the dressing or device won't stay in place long enough for effective treatment.  When it's too high, you encounter problems upon removal. It is critical to match the right materials and adhesives to the application for adequate adhesion during attachment and low mechanical trauma during removal.

EIS works directly with OEMs and contract manufacturers to suggest the right adhesives and materials for specific applications. These could include the latest in low trauma acrylic and silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives.


We generally suggest acrylics for medical wound care bandaging as:

  • Low trauma dressings
  • Wound care backing
  • High moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)
  • Anti-microbial dressings using unique formulations

Soft, low trauma silicones provide:

  • Secure, long-term wear for extended periods
  • Good breathability and MVTR
  • Porous, highly-permeable formulations
  • Available as hydrophilic or hydrophobic variations


EIS provides medical OEMs and contract manufacturers with:

  • Precision die-cutting, multi-layer laminating, and slitting to tight tolerances
  • Clean room capabilities, including converting and packaging
  • Access to medical grade, low trauma adhesives
  • In-house testing capabilities