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For medical devices, medical disposables, and medical wound care products, we offer several certified Class 10,000, climate-controlled clean rooms.


EIS delivers a range of medical converting services for complex device components, medical disposables, surgical products, and wound care products.


We offer printing on flexible materials, including laminates, tapes, foams, and custom pressure-sensitive labels.


We provide the medical packaging expertise, materials, adhesives, and equipment to help medical OEMs and contract manufacturers produce the exact packaging their product requires.


We utilize a fully equipped test lab in determining whether materials meet customers' designed-in specs, often eliminating the need to test materials on the customer end.


We offer advanced assembly services that save you the time and expense of inventory management, staffing, volume mixing, environmental control, and safety.


EIS' product design enhancement and engineering capabilities begin with custom fabrication recommendations for materials that meet all your project objectives. Our long-standing relationships with world-class materials manufacturers result in the fastest material sourcing and a complete understanding of the characteristics of those materials.

Our engineers will undertake your complex medical device or instrumentation project with expertise, no matter the design challenge. From conception to initial prototyping, from testing to production, we can help you take a design concept to manufacturability cost-effectively and efficiently.


From concept to prototype, EIS can assist you with prototype parts to solve your production, design, and process problems. We can make custom parts to your exact specifications quickly and cost-effectively. Rapid prototyping services include using our state-of-the-art equipment and ISO 13485 and Class 10,000 certified clean room to create custom parts for diagnostic instruments, device housings, wound care, wearable devices and microfluidics, surgical dressings, and medical disposables.

When you work with our Advanced Assembly team, we ensure that design-for-manufacturability is the foundation for development. Prototypes will be much closer to finished pieces for testing and evaluation.