Manual Dispensing Guns

Single and Dual cartridge manual applicators for meter-mix dispensing. Convenient and cost-effective method to apply mix ratio products with almost no waste.

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  • Devcon 14280 Mark 5™ Applicator, For 47mL and 50mL Cartridges

    ID: 14280-DEV
    Mfr ID: 14280
    Mfr: Devcon
    Manual, hand-held applicator gun for dispensing and applying Devcon (1:1, 2:1 and 10:1) 35mL, 47mL and 50mL dispensing systems for epoxies and methacrylates. Eliminates guesswork, excessive waste and time associated with manually weighing and mixing two-part adhesive systems.


  • 3M 9234 Scotch-Weld™ Valve Assembly Kit, For TC/EC/LT Series Hot Melt Applicator

    ID: 3MA9234
    Mfr ID: 62923499305
    3M hot melt applicator TC/EC/LT valve assembly kit 9234 features a nozzle and valve designed to increase productivity by providing a precise and controlled flow of hot melt adhesive. The interior of the nozzle is threaded for easy application onto the valve. The construction is durable and can withstand high temperature hot melts.


  • 3M 62913699302 EPX™ Manual Applicator, 200mL, Silver, 1/Case

    Mfr ID: 62913699302
    3M Scotch-Weld EPX manual applicators are used to dispense two-component 3M Scotch-Weld structural adhesives packaged in Duo-Pak (DP) cartridges. There are a variety of applicators available to match the needs of your manufacturing process.


  • 3M 62928199504 Scotch-Weld™ Low Temperature Hot Melt Applicator, 13.8 oz, 1/Case

    Mfr ID: 62928199504
    3M hot melt applicator LT quadrack as a comfortable, easy-to-control applicator that dispenses up to 2.6 lb of liquefied adhesive per hour to meet the demands of high-production environments, whenever and wherever two surfaces require a strong, clean bond. Because we believe if you have to do hot glue, you might as well do it quickly and comfortably.


  • 3M Scotch-Weld™ Speedloader Cartridge Feed Hot Melt Applicator, 4.3 lb, 1/Case

    Mfr ID: 62993896307
    3M hot melt applicator PG II speedloader cartridge feed is a hot melt applicator with pneumatic pressure that can dispense up to 7.5 lb of adhesive per hour for high volume applications.


  • 3M 9275 Scotch-Weld™ Converter, For 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators TC and LT Series, 10/Case

    Mfr ID: 62927599357
    3M hot melt applicator Quadrack converter 9275 adds Quadrack capabilities to standard 3M TC and LT hot melt applicators. Offers an increase in loading capacity for standard 3M hot melt applicators TC and LT.


  • 3M 9277 Scotch-Weld™ Foot Pedal Assembly, For 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators

    ID: 3MA9277
    Mfr ID: 62927799304
    Choose the 3M hot melt applicator foot pedal assembly 9277 for high capacity, hands-free operation of our 3M hot melt applicators PG II and PG II LT.


  • 3M 9725 Scotch-Weld™ Nozzle Tip, 0.072" Mini Extension Tip, For 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators

    ID: 3MA9725
    Mfr ID: 62972599302
    3M hot melt applicator TC nozzle tip 9725 is a mini aluminum tip designed to provide a precise and controlled flow of hot melt. ​Aluminum construction is durable and can withstand high temperature hot melts.


  • 3M 9895 Scotch-Weld™ End Cap Seal, For Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive Applicator

    ID: 3MA9895-4
    Mfr ID: 62989500046
    3M 9895 Scotch-Weld™ End Cap Seal.


  • 3M 9946 Scotch-Weld™ Extension Tip, 0.072" Orifice, For 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators

    ID: 3MA9946
    Mfr ID: 62994669802
    3M hot melt applicator PG II/PG II LT Extension Tip 9946 is a brass extension tip for 3M hot melt Applicator PG II/PG II LT. We constructed this brass tip to feature a better sight line. The design of this hot melt applicator extension tip allows for maximum control during application and reduces initial surge.


  • Bostik 7500 Dispensing Gun, For 2 oz Syringes

    ID: BOS7500GUN
    Mfr ID: 7500
    Mfr: Bostik
    Bostik 7500 Dispensing Gun.


  • Bostik K343078 Dispensing Gun, For 7538 Series Epoxy Adhesive 2 oz Syringe

    ID: BOSK343078
    Mfr ID: K343078
    Mfr: Bostik
    Bostik K343078 Dispensing Gun.


  • Bostik TG-4 Hot Melt Applicator, 7/16, 1/2", 1.5kg/hr Output

    ID: BOSTG4
    Mfr ID: TG-4
    Mfr: Bostik
    The Bostik TG-4 Hot Melt Glue Gun is an electrically operated applicator designed to dispense hot melt glue to bond most materials quickly and efficiently. If you use tapes, fasteners, staples or liquid adhesives, the Bostik TG-4 Glue Gun will probably do it better, faster and neater with just the press of a trigger.


  • 3M EC Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Applicator, 24 oz, 1/Case

    Mfr ID: 62968099309
    3M Scotch-Weld hot melt applicator EC as a versatile applicator that can dispense hot melt adhesives with different melting points. Palm trigger helps improve operator comfort in high demand applications.


  • Nordson HPD10K HPD™ Manual Syringe Dispenser, 10cc

    ID: HPD10K
    Mfr ID: HPD10K
    The most useful dispenser available. Applies thick fluids (sealants, solder/brazing pastes, epoxies and grease) easily, accurately and without drip or ooze. Use at workbenches, for field repair kits and for assemblies.

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  • Loctite 1058071 Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator, 75mL

    ID: LOC1058071
    Mfr ID: 1058071
    The 1058071 dual cartridge manual applicator is a hand-held, manually operated applicator designed for 2-part adhesives packaged in 75mL dual cartridges. The dispenser is compatible with 1:1 mix ratio products.


  • Loctite 1506477 Cyanoacrylate Volumetric Hand Pump, 1 oz, Gray

    ID: LOC1506477
    Mfr ID: 1506477
    The Loctite CA (cyanoacrylate) volumetric hand pump provides precision repeatable dispensing of cyanoacrylate adhesives (up to 1500 cPs) with finger tip control. Allows placement of each and every adhesive drop exactly where required.


  • Loctite 1544934 Manual Syringe Dispenser, 30mL, Blue

    ID: LOC1544934
    Mfr ID: 1544934
    The Loctite 30mL manual syringe dispenser is a hand-held, manually operated dispenser, for any product packaged in a standard 30mL syringe. Requires no pneumatics, battery or electrical power.


  • Loctite 98414 Peristaltic Hand Pump, 50mL

    ID: LOC98414
    Mfr ID: 98414
    Loctite 98414 is a manual, peristaltic, 50mL volumetric bottle-top hand pump applicator that mounts easily on any Loctite 50mL bottle. It is especially useful for applications where freedom from product feed-lines is desirable.


  • Loctite Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: LOC-983-M
    The dual cartridge manual applicator is a hand-held, manually operated meter-mix dispenser. The dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products. These dispensers provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste.

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  • 3M TC Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Applicator

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: TC
    3M Scotch-Weld hot melt applicator TC to be lightweight, easy-to-handle and dispense liquefied, standard-melt adhesive to meet your needs whenever two surfaces require a strong bond.