Specialty Solvents & Cleaners

Cleanliness is essential to the productivity and safety of any workplace. To help keep your work area clean and functioning at its top capacity, EIS offers a variety of Specialty Solvents & Cleaners, including Equipment Flushing Solvent, Clean Up Solvent, Metal Cleaner, Desk & Office Cleaner, Coating Remover, Neutralizer Kit, and Detergent.

EIS supplies Specialty Solvents & Cleaners from top suppliers 3M, Baldor, CRC, Cytec Industries, Dow Corning, Eraser Company, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Hydro-Blast, Loctite Industrial, Marathon Electric, and Regal Beloit Corporation.

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  • Dynasolve 190 Coating Remover, 1 gal, Colorless

    ID: DYN190G
    Mfr ID: 190
    190 used for removal of specific silicone and urethane coatings where selective dissolving at room temperature is required and where a flammable solvent can be utilized. Is used extensively in the electronics industry.


  • Hydro-Blast JRI1000C0302 Detergent, 40 lb Bucket

    ID: JRI1000C0302
    Mfr ID: JRI1000C0302
    Hydro-Blast Detergent, 40 lb, Bucket.

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  • Loctite 12121 Equipment Flushing Solvent, 16 oz Bottle, Clear

    ID: LOC12121
    Mfr ID: 12121
    Loctite equipment flushing solvent is designed to flush uncured adhesive from dispensing equipment.


  • Cytec Conap® Solvent and Thinner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: Conap
    Conap solvent and thinner is designed for dilution of Conap CE-1170 conformal coatings for both dip and spray applications. It contains powerful solvents but has a fairly short retention time.

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  • Marathon MN9343091 F-136 Paint, Aerosol Can, Blue

    ID: MN9343091
    Mfr ID: MN9343091
    Marathon F-136 blue paint

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  • Baldor BAMG1000Y10SP Super-E Spray Paint, 16 oz Aerosol Can, Gold

    ID: BAMG1000Y10SP
    Mfr ID: BAMG1000Y10SP
    Mfr: Baldor
    Baldor Super-E gold spray paint


  • Eraser Dip Strip

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: BR130
    Dip strip is used to chemically remove the insulation from virtually all magnet and enamel wires of all sizes and insulation types, without damage to the wire.


  • 3M 70071495777 Desk and Office Cleaner, 15 oz Aerosol Can, White

    ID: W3-573
    Mfr ID: 70071495777
    Quick, gentle cleaning action easily removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, coffee, soda and more from a variety of office surfaces. Foaming action will not drip. Use on desk tops, book cases, file cabinets, painted surfaces and more.

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  • Eraser Dip Clean 2 Metal Cleaner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: BR144
    After stripping using dip strip, the stripped wires are then rinsed in water and dip clean 2 metal cleaner to remove oxides and stripping residue. For use with DSP and USP stripping pots and dip strip.


  • Dow Corning OS-20 Cleaner, 3.1kg Pail, Colorless

    ID: DCOS-20X3.1KG
    Mfr ID: OS-20
    Dow Corning OS-20 fluid is a clear, odorless, non-VOC compound that is used for rinsing parts, replacing organic fluids, and cleaning contaminated surfaces. It provides low toxicity, low surface tension, high purity, and evaporates at room temperature.


  • Dow Corning OS-2 Cleaner, 2.9kg Pail, Colorless

    ID: DCOS-2X2.9KG
    Mfr ID: OS-2
    Dow Corning OS-2 silicone cleaner and surface prep solvent can help meet environmental regulations in areas such as transportation, industrial maintenance, repair and operations, utilities, and food processing. Typical applications include cleaning plastics, fiberglass and components, precleaning surfaces prior to painting, sealing and bonding, degreasing bearings, nuts, bolts, chains and conveyor belts, removing silicone-based car wax and protectants, and removing silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels).


  • Eraser PR1403 Neutralizer Kit, 2 gal Pail, Red

    ID: ERASERPR1403
    Mfr ID: PR1403
    The dip strip neutralizer kit is a safe, economic method to dispose of dip strip and ultrafine stripper after use in DSP and USP stripping pots. This Kit contains one 2 gallon pail and one pound of our special Neutralizer that changes color when DipStrip is neutralized.


  • ID:
    Mfr ID: HB86
    Hydro-Blast HB86 Detergent.


  • CRC MK6332 Marykate® Fabric Waterproofer, 1 qt Bottle, Milky White, 12/Case

    ID: MK6332-CRC
    Mfr ID: MK6332
    Mfr: CRC
    Premium grade heavy-duty water repellent solution. Restores water repelling of cotton and synthetic fabrics. Natural color is suitable for use on all colors. For boat covers, canvas bimini tops, tents, clothing and leather footwear. Helps prevent rot and mildew stain.


  • Loctite Clean Up Solvent

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: SF768
    Loctite is a solvent blend designed to remove cured cyanoacrylate adhesive from surfaces or to debond parts assembled with cyanoacrylate adhesive.

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