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Paint, Thinner & Inks

High quality paints and thinners that are easy to apply.  Many offer full coverage in just one coat and exhibit long-term durability even in harsh environments. From light to heavy-duty painting projects, we have the formulations, colors and paint features you require. 

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  • Elantas 674PAIL Air Dry Enamel Paint, 5 gal Pail, Green

    ID: PDG674PAIL
    Mfr ID: 674PAIL
    Elantas Air Dry Enamel Paint.


  • 78-7253 Paint Tint, 1 gal, Green

    ID: 78-7253
    Mfr ID: 78-7253
    Paint Tint.


  • Dykem 80696 Layout Fluid, 930mL Bottle, Steel Red

    ID: 80696-DYK
    Mfr ID: 80696
    Machine shop operators depend on Dykem layout fluids to scribe sharp, clear, precise lines. When applied, our layout fluids provide a uniform deep color that prevents glare and dries in minutes.


  • Elantas B68215G RanVar™ Air Dry Insulating Enamel Paint, 5 gal Pail, Yellow

    ID: PDGB6821-5G
    Mfr ID: B68215G
    B6-821 is a pigmented glossy styrenated alkyd resin providing excellent insulation with an ambient cure. B6-821 is a moderate viscosity yellow liquid. Application Methods Spray.


  • Glyptal 8746G Enamel Paint, 1 gal Can, White

    ID: GLY8746G
    Mfr ID: 8746G
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal Enamel Paint.


  • GC Electronics 10-4702 Lacquer Corona Dope, 2 oz Bottle, Black

    ID: 10-4702
    Mfr ID: 10-4702
    Corona Dope dielectric, arc and corona resisting properties. Quick drying, black lacquer insulating coating. Temperature range to 325 deg F (163 deg C). Dielectric strength of 3800 Volts/Mil minimum oz bottle with brush. Is useful for insulating components, circuits and assemblies.


  • Glyptal 1228G Enamel Paint, 1 gal Can, Gloss Gray

    ID: GLY1228G
    Mfr ID: 1228G
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal 1228 is a high-gloss enamel for general finishing of machinery and electrical apparatus. It has excellent outdoor durability and high resistance to transformer oils. It may be used on primed metal or wood surfaces. Also available in aerosol (G1228A).


  • Glyptal 1209G Insulating Alkyd Enamel Paint, 1 gal Aerosol Can, Gloss Black

    ID: GLY1209G
    Mfr ID: 1209G
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal 1209 black enamel is an air drying or baking gloss interior enamel which was designed for its resistance properties as well as being a protective and decorating coating for electrical equipment.


  • Glyptal 1500 Dry Thinner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1500
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal 1500 Dry Thinner.


  • Regal-Beloit Electric Motors 305056.13 Leeson® Spray Paint, Green

    ID: 305056.13
    Mfr ID: 305056.13
    Regal-Beloit Electric Motors Leeson Spray Paint.


  • GC Electronics 10-4102 Q-Dope Thinner, 2 oz Bottle, Clear

    ID: 10-4102
    Mfr ID: 10-4102
    Thin polystyrene based coil dopes and cements can also be used for cementing polystyrene materials 2 oz bottle.


  • GC Electronics 10-5002 Corona Dope, 2 oz Bottle, Red

    ID: 10-5002
    Mfr ID: 10-5002
    Thixotropic polyester-base red enamel that will not drip or sag, has excellent adhesion and is oil and waterproof. Temperature range upto 220 deg F (104 deg C). An excellent insulator, corona and spark preventive coating.


  • Glyptal Medium Dry Thinner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1511M
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal Medium Dry Thinner.


  • Glyptal 1514G Paint Thinner, 1 gal Can

    ID: GLY1514G
    Mfr ID: 1514G
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal Paint Thinner.


  • CRC Alkyd Lacquer Enamel Paint

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 180
    Mfr: CRC
    All-purpose enamel spray paint and primer is a remarkably versatile, non-fading, general purpose, quick dry enamel coating for general use in everyday factory and contractor applications.


  • CRC 18101 Alkyd Lacquer Enamel Paint, 20 oz Aerosol Can, Yellow

    ID: 18101-CRC
    Mfr ID: 18101
    Mfr: CRC
    CRC rust proof enamel spray paint is a premium grade spray paint formulated for industrial applications where maximum indoor/outdoor coating performance is required. CRC rust proof enamel fights weathering, salt spray and the most severe and demanding conditions. Hides well, dries fast and resists chipping and peeling.


  • Glyptal GLY2600G Alkyd Lacquer, 1 gal Aerosol Can, Gloss Black

    ID: GLY2600G
    Mfr ID: GLY2600G
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal 2600 gloss black lacquer was designed for general purpose finishing of industrial products. This alkyd nitrocellulose lacquer has excellent weather durability and very good arc resistance and dielectric strength.


  • Regal-Beloit Electric Motors 305003.13 Leeson® Enamel Paint, Red

    ID: 305003.13
    Mfr ID: 305003.13
    Regal-Beloit Electric Motors Leeson Enamel Paint.


  • Glyptal 86009G Silicone Baking Enamel Paint, 1 gal, Aluminum

    ID: GLY86009G
    Mfr ID: 86009G
    Mfr: Glyptal
    Glyptal 86009 aluminum silicone baking enamel is a ready-mixed aluminum pigmented silicone resin product designed for high-temperature applications. It provides a durable protective coating on metal surfaces subjected to temperatures of 400 to 1200 deg F.


  • Elantas BT64478LB RanVar™ Air Dry Insulating Enamel Paint, 1 gal Aerosol Can, Red

    ID: BT64478LB
    Mfr ID: BT64478LB
    BT-6447 is a modified alkyd insulating resin formulated with a non-conductive pigment which makes it suitable for dual function as an insulating resin in Class F systems, as well as a finish coat. BT 6447 is a moderate viscosity red liquid.


  • Columbia C513G Enamel Paint, 1 gal Can, Orange

    ID: COLC513G
    Mfr ID: C513G
    Columbia Enamel Paint.


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