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Primers & Activators

Primer is a material used to prep uncoated surfaces to prevent unnecessary paint absorption or to prevent the development of rust. Primers are able to be used on myriad surface types including wood, metal, canvas, metal, and much more. Primer types include:

  • General Purpose primer
  • Silicone
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • Tape
  • Metal
  • Electrical Insulation Primer

An Activator is a material used as catalyst for increasing paint curing speed, recoatability, and durability over time. Activators are available in various types including:

  • Instant Adhesive Activator
  • Silane Glass Treatment
  • Solvent-Free Activator

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  • 3M 86A Adhesion Promoter Wipe, 7" x 7", Clear, 5 Packet/Bag

    ID: 3MA86A
    Mfr ID: 70202270123
    3M adhesion promoter wipe 86A is a liquid "primer" designed to be used with 3M polyurethane protective tapes and boots and other acrylic adhesives to enhance initial adhesion in demanding situations.


  • Parker 50-01-1086-0000 Cho-Bond® Silicone Primer, 1 pt Can, Clear

    ID: CHOBOND1086
    Mfr ID: 50-01-1086-0000
    Parker Chomerics Cho-Bond primer 1086 is air-drying liquid coatings used to improve the adhesion of Parker Chomerics Cho-Bond conductive silicone compounds to metal and other non-silicone substrates. The primers are moisture reactive and clear in color.


  • Dow Corning Sylgard® Primer, 327g Can, Clear

    Dow Corning Sylgard® Primer.


  • Dow Corning PR-1204 Primer, 10.9 oz Can, Colorless to Pale Yellow

    ID: DCPR1204X309GC
    Mfr ID: PR1204X309GC
    Dow Corning PR-1204 RTV Prime Coat is a one component, dilute solution of silane coupling agents that is used to increase the bonding of room temperature and heat curing silicones to a variety of surfaces such as glass, plastics, metals, ceramics, and masonry.

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  • Dow Corning PR-1205 Primer, 348g Can, Colorless to Pale Yellow

    ID: DCPR1205X348GM
    Mfr ID: PR1205X348GM
    Dow Corning PR-1205 Prime Coat is a one component, dilute solution of silane coupling agents that is used to increase the bonding of room temperature and heat curing silicones to a variety of surfaces such as plastics, metals, and ceramics.


  • Dow Corning 1201 Primer, 13.5 oz Bottle, Clear White to Yellow

    ID: DC1201X348G
    Mfr ID: 1201X348G
    Dow Corning brand primers, prime coats and adhesion promoters offer a variety of benefits to users. Robust adhesion maximizes reliability and offers protection across a wider range of environmental conditions. The range of device design options may be expanded by enabling adhesion or providing lower temperature adhesion to a wider variety of substrate materials. Low-temperature or room-temperature adhesion may also reduce energy or capital costs or increase manufacturing flexibility. Direct material costs may also be reduced when adhesion enhancers enable use of primerless silicones.


  • 3M 3901 Scotch-Weld™ Metal Primer, 0.5 pt Bottle, Red, 12/Case

    ID: 3MA3901
    Mfr ID: 62390135259
    3M Scotch-Weld metal primer 3901 is a primer for 3M Scotch-Weld film and liquid adhesives in those applications where it is desired to obtain improved metal and glass adhesion or improved resistance to environmental exposure with epoxy and urethane adhesives.


  • Insulcast 40 Silicone Primer, 1 lb Pint, Pink - Red

    ID: INS40P
    Mfr ID: 40P
    RTVS primer 40 is a dilute solution of reactive silicone resins which can be used to improve or add adhesion of one and two-component condensation (tin) cure silicone RTV materials. The product works on the basis on improving the ability of the site to accept the silicone polymer.


  • Dow Corning 92-023 Primer, 340g Can, Clear

    ID: DC92-023X340G
    Mfr ID: 92-023X340G
    Dow Corning 92-023 Primer Clear is used to improve bonding of room temperature and heat curing silicones to a variety of materials such as glass, metals, wood, ceramics, and masonry. It is diluted in heptane, increases flexibility, and increases performance of electronic components. It can be applied by spraying, wiping, or dipping methods.

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  • Loctite 7075 Activator

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: LOC-7075
    Loctite SF 7075 is used where increased cure speed of Loctite anaerobic structural products is required. It is especially recommended for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces and with large bond gaps.


  • Loctite 7088 Primer, 17g Stick, Light Blue, 10/Case

    ID: LOC1069258
    Mfr ID: 42534
    Loctite 7088 is a reactive monomer based solvent-free surface primer that is supplied as a wax-like semi-solid, conveniently packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator. Loctite 7088 was designed to promote the cure speed of Loctite anaerobic products.


  • Loctite 7091 Activator, 1L Can, Light Blue, 2/Case

    ID: LOC18109
    Mfr ID: 18109
    Loctite 7091 is a reactive monomer based solvent-free primer for use with Loctite anaerobic products for difficult to bond applications where galvanized steel or zinc electroplated surfaces are involved. This product was specifically formulated for increasing bond integrity on dichromated surfaces.


  • Loctite 7380 Depend® Solvent Free Activator

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: LOC-7380
    Loctite 7380 depend solventless activator is a solvent-free activator allowing the immediate mating of parts. Use with Loctite 330, 332, 334 and 392 acrylic adhesives.

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  • Loctite 770 Adhesion Promoter

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: LOC-770
    Loctite SF 770 is used to make polyolefin and other low energy surfaces suitable for bonding with Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives. On such treated surfaces the cured performance of Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives is generally similar to that described in the TDS for the relevant adhesive.

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  • Elantas Electrical Insulation B5-346A RanVar™ Primer, 10 lb, Green

    ID: B5346A10LB
    Mfr ID: B5346A10LB
    RanVar resins provide outstanding moisture and chemical resistance in small and large motor applications.


  • Loctite 713 Tak Pak® Medical Device Adhesive Accelerator, 1.75 oz Bottle, Clear, 20/Case

    ID: LOC19889
    Mfr ID: 19889
    Loctite SF 713 is used where increased cure speed of Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives is required. It can be either pre or post applied to the bond. Other typical applications include securing wires or coils to PCBs, tamper-proofing adjustable components, mounting stand-offs, edge guides and board stiffeners.


  • Elantas Elan-Plus™ Catalyst

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: TBP
    ELAN-Plus C 8 Catalyst is a liquid peroxyester free-radical polymerization initiator, C 8 Catalyst should be added at room temperature to styrene or vinyl toluene based unsaturated polyester resins.

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  • 3M 111 Adhesion Promoter, 250mL Bottle, Clear, 4/Case

    ID: 3MA111X250ML
    Mfr ID: 70006403987
    3M adhesion promoter 111 is an isopropyl alcohol based solution used to promote better and faster adhesion of 3M VHB Tapes to various surfaces including bare metals, galvanized steel and painted surfaces. Since surfaces and paint formulations vary considerably, each application should be verified through testing.

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  • Elantas Electrical Insulation BT-7455A RanVar™ Primer, 50 lb Pail, Apple Green

    ID: BT7455A50LB
    Mfr ID: BT7455A50LB
    BT-7455A is an apple green air dry epoxy ester primer which meets Rule 66.

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  • Von Roll RE-2000 Reactor, 1 pt Can

    ID: DOLRE2000P
    Mfr ID: RE-2000
    Dolphon CB-1078 is a filled, black, epoxy casting and potting resin for use in all types of coils, transformers, electrical and electronic assemblies.

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  • Loctite 7109 Activator

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: LOC-7109
    Loctite SF 7109 activator increases cure speed of Loctite instant adhesive. Non-flammable and non-combustible. Excellent for cosmetic applications, for clear and transparent adhesive beads or fillets. On-part life of 1 min.

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