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Cutting Tools

Cutters, for high volume work as well as intricate or critical applications, are offered by EIS. A variety of cutter types will meet the demand of your job (Ultra-Flush, Tapered and Relieved, Super-Radius, and Micro-Tip, to name a few), and the ergonomic handles will make the job go quicker and more comfortably.
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  • Nicholson 22040HNN 5 Piece General Purpose File Set, Rubber-Coated Ergonomic Grip Handle

    ID: 22040-NIC
    Mfr ID: 22040HNN
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Rubber coated ergonomic handles for better comfort and control. Set of 5 files fits easily and securely into rugged, compact pouch.


  • Nicholson 37619 Equaling Needle File, 5-1/2"

    ID: 37619-NIC
    Mfr ID: 37619
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Nicholson equaling needle file made to more exacting measurements than american pattern files. Knurled handles.


  • X-ACTO 6412 Carbon Steel Drill Bit Set with Stand, 20 Piece

    ID: 6412-XAC
    Mfr ID: 6412
    Mfr: X-ACTO
    Contains 20 carbon steel twist drill bits of sizes 61 thru 80. Numbered location for each bit. Plastic covered stand.


  • Martindale Electric Lathe Undercutter with Both Extended Spindle

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: LTHU105
    The lathe-type undercutter with both extended spindle can be quickly attached in place of the tool post on any lathe. It can be mounted directly on the cross slide or on the slide carriage which is then mounted on the cross slide. Both horizontal and vertical commutators can be under cut.


  • Nicholson Steel Half Round File

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 050HRF
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Rounded on 1 side, flat on opposite. Rounded sides of all half-round bastard files are double-cut. Flat sides of all half-round files are double cut.


  • Nicholson 07085N Knife File, 12", Bastard Cut

    ID: 07085-NIC
    Mfr ID: 07085N
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Double cut on sides, single cut on sharp edge. Supplied with safe backs. Triangular shape.


  • Martindale Electric LTHU110L15 Slide Carriage, 28" L

    Mfr ID: 110L15
    The slide carriage is easily operated and is much faster than using the lathe carriage. Travel is 15-1/2 Inch on the model 110L15 with adjustable stops at both ends.


  • Nicholson 18617N Half Round Woodcraft Rasp, 8", Rasp Punch/Wood Cut

    ID: 18617-NIC
    Mfr ID: 18617N
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Half round rasp side for rapid stock removal. File cut side for smoothing purposes. For use on wood, leather, soapstone and soft metals.


  • Nicholson 20291N Rigid Flat File with Tang, 10", Curved Standard Cut

    ID: 20291-NIC
    Mfr ID: 20291N
    Mfr: Nicholson
    File cut side for smoothing purposes. Rectangular shape. Pitch and rake designed to avoid pinning and to provide smoothest finish.


  • Nicholson 21715 Round File, 8", Bastard Cut, Red Handle

    ID: 21715-NIC
    Mfr ID: 21715
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Single cut. Tapered slightly towards point. Safe point on round files.


  • Nicholson 22015HN 3 Piece File Set, 6", Bastard Cut, Natural

    ID: 22015HN-NIC
    Mfr ID: 22015HN
    Mfr: Nicholson
    File surfaces easily with this 3 file pack with ergonomic handles from Nicholson. It includes a 6 Inch slim taper bastard file, 6 Inch round bastard file and 6 Inch mill bastard file.


  • Nicholson 22030NN 9 Piece Maintenance File Set

    ID: 22030-NIC
    Mfr ID: 22030NN
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Nicholson 22030NN 9 Piece Maintenance File Set.


  • EIS Approved Vendor 29541 #1 Wood Handle with Metal Ferrule

    ID: 29541-0PL
    Mfr ID: 29541
    EIS Approved Vendor #1 Wood Handle with Metal Ferrule.


  • Nicholson 37814 Half Round File, 6-1/4"

    ID: 37814-NIC
    Mfr ID: 37814
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Nicholson half round file made to more exacting measurements than american pattern files. Knurled handles.


  • Nicholson 40580N Round File, 4"

    ID: 40580-NIC
    Mfr ID: 40580N
    Mfr: Nicholson
    Made to more exacting measurements than american pattern files. Taper throughout length to fine point. Double cut.


  • 7124 Plug Hand Tap

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 7124
    Brubaker Tool Plug Hand Tap.


  • X-ACTO X73610 6 Piece Needle File Set

    ID: 73610-XAC
    Mfr ID: X73610
    Mfr: X-ACTO
    The X-ACTO needle file set is the ideal tool for shaping, smoothing and applying the finishing touches to any of your unique craft projects. This needle file set is great for working with woods, plastics and most metals.

    In Stock

  • 8100-0701 High Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit, 1/64", Bright

    ID: 8100-0701
    Mfr ID: 8100
    High Speed 8100 Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit.


  • Martindale Electric Close-Cut Undercutter with Carrying Case

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: CCUC
    The close-cut undercutter was specially designed to finish off a mica slot when it is necessary to cut within 1/8 Inch of a riser. This unit has a straight solid shaft and needle bearings, both front and rear, for smoother operation. Though we hesitate to recommend carbide saws in any hand-held undercutter, we have had success with them in this smaller unit.


  • Martindale Electric Dust Collector with 2 Hoods

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: DSCLC
    Dust collector removes mica dust quickly comes with two hoods for use in a wide variety of dusty jobs. Has paddle-wheel type fan driven by 1/3 HP 3450 rpm motor.


  • Martindale Electric Bench

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: H-9
    Model H-9 uses either high speed steel or carbide saws and V-cutters. This undercutter handles armatures from the small sizes up to 17 Inch dia and 450 lb. This includes a range of sizes too large for Model HV-3 and not large enough to necessitate an undercutter as large as the HA-2.


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