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Condition Monitoring

Basic condition monitoring is essential for maximum bearing life and optimal machine performance. Every industrial manufacturing plant should have these products on hand, like thermometers, thermal cameras, tachometers, endoscopes, stethoscopes, sound pressure meters, leak detectors, and electrical discharge detectors. You can get them all from EIS.
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  • Baker Instrument 84CT60DC DC Current Transformer, 60A

    Mfr ID: 84CT60DC
    Baker Instrument 84CT60DC DC Current Transformer


  • Baker Instrument 3000VP Vibration Software

    ID: BAKER84EXP3000VP
    Mfr ID: 84-EXP3000VP
    Baker Instrument 3000VP Vibration Software


  • Baker Instrument CT300/3000AMP Current Transformer Cable

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: CT300/3000AMP
    Baker Instrument CT300/3000AMP Current Transformer Cable


  • Baker Instrument MP-VE-12 Voltage Extension, 12' L

    Mfr ID: MP-VE-12
    Baker Instrument MP-VE-12 Voltage Extension


  • Baker Instrument MP-VE-30 Voltage Extension, 30' L

    Mfr ID: MP-VE-30
    Baker Instrument MP-VE-30 Voltage Extension


  • Baker Instrument VFD3000 Variable Frequency Drive Software

    ID: BAKERVFD3000
    Mfr ID: VFD3000
    Shows how frequency, speed, torque and voltage level vary with respect to time, enabling identification of transient overloading of the motor by the VFD.


  • SKF TKED 1 LCD Electrical Discharge Detector Pen

    ID: TKED1
    Mfr ID: TKED 1
    The SKF electrical discharge detector pen (EDD Pen) is a simple to use handheld instrument for detecting electrical discharges in electric motor bearings. Electrical discharges are a result of motor shaft voltages discharging to earth through the bearing, causing electrical erosion, lubricant degradation and ultimately bearing failure. Electric motors are more vulnerable to suffer electrical erosion in bearings when controlled by a variable frequency drive.


  • SKF TMES 1 Endoscope, Acrylic Fiber

    ID: TMES1
    Mfr ID: TMES 1
    The SKF TMES 1 is a compact, lightweight endoscope that can be used for effective visual inspection even in the most restricted spaces. Equipped with a built-in variable light source and a flexible 1M (3.3 ft) long fiber optic tube, it is suited to most industrial applications.


  • SKF TMRT 1 LCD Multi-Function Laser/Contact Tachometer

    ID: TMRT1
    Mfr ID: TMRT 1
    The SKF TMRT 1 is a user friendly and accurate tachometer utilizing laser or contact for measuring rotational and linear speed. Equipped with a laser and contact adaptor, it offers excellent speed measurement versatility in five different modes. Additionally, the large angular range of +/- 80 deg to target facilitates the easy measurement in areas where straight line access is difficult. The laser optical system allows easy and quick speed measurement at a safe distance from rotating machinery.


  • SKF TMST 3 Stethoscope, 30 Hz - 15 kHz

    ID: TMST3
    Mfr ID: TMST 3
    The SKF electronic stethoscope TMST 3 is a high quality, sensitive instrument enabling the determination of troublesome machine parts by the detection of machine noises or vibrations. TMST 3 includes a headset, two different length probes (70 and 220 mm) and a pre recorded audio CD demonstrating the most common encountered troublesome machine noise, all supplied complete in a sturdy carrying case.


  • Baker Instrument DC4000 Analysis Software

    ID: BAKER18011
    Mfr ID: DC4000
    Baker Instrument DC4000 Analysis Software


  • Baker Instrument V4000 Vibration Software

    ID: BAKER18012
    Mfr ID: V4000
    Baker Instrument V4000 Vibration Software


  • Baker Instrument 84-D212-RL Resistance Test Lead, 10' L

    ID: BAKER84-D212-RL
    Mfr ID: 84-D212-RL
    Baker Instrument 84-D212-RL Resistance Test Lead


  • Baker Instrument 99-DX-6-ZDS3 Static Motor Analyzer, 6kV

    ID: BAKER99-DX6-ZDS3
    Mfr ID: 99-DX-6-ZDS3
    The SKF static motor analyzer Baker DX offers more capabilities to analyze all insulation and motor circuits in AC and DC motors, coils and generators. These instruments offer insulation resistance (IR), polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption (DA), DC hipot/step voltage and surge tests to evaluate all the insulation in motors and coils. The motor circuit can also be analyzed utilizing resistance, impedance, capacitance, phase angle and dissipation factor/quality factor measurements.


  • Baker Instrument EXP4000 Dynamic Motor Analyzer, 1000VAC/500VDC

    ID: BAKER99EXP4000
    Mfr ID: EXP4000
    SKF's dynamic motor test and monitoring instruments are built to conduct condition monitoring tests of motors and generators from a motor control center (MCC) or through a Baker EP1000 connection unit. The SKF dynamic motor analyzer - EXP4000 is the latest generation of low voltage, battery operated instruments that test motors and generators in-service or while they are in operation.


  • Baker Instrument 99-DX-15-ZDS3 RLC Static Motor Analyzer, 15kV

    Mfr ID: 99-DX-15-ZDS3
    The Baker DX-15 extends the capabilities of the Baker DX family to perform insulation and motor circuit tests on AC and DC motors, coils and generators at test voltages up to 15 kV (40 kV, with accessories). Like the 4, 6 and 12kV versions of the Baker DX, this analyzer performs insulation resistance, polarization index, dielectric absorption, step-voltage and surge tests to detect weaknesses or faults in motor winding and ground wall insulation.


  • Baker Instrument CM3000 Continuous Monitoring Software

    ID: BAKERCM3000
    Mfr ID: CM3000
    The CM3000 software enables the user to monitor 41 data points in real time. This real time and continuous data gathering capability will give immediate impact in finding intermittent problems with motor such as electrical tripping.


  • Baker Instrument DC-CT7000 DC Current Transformer Cable, 7000A

    ID: BAKERDC-CT7000
    Mfr ID: DC-CT7000
    Baker Instrument DC-CT7000 DC Current Transformer Cable


  • Baker Instrument DT3000 Desktop Software

    ID: BAKERDT3000
    Mfr ID: DT3000
    Desktop module for the EXP3000 series testers. Have all the power of the EXP3000 instrument at your finger tips. View all testing results and create reports quickly and easily at your desktop.


  • Baker Instrument DC3000 DC Analysis Software

    ID: BAKERDC3000
    Mfr ID: DC3000
    Baker Instrument DC Analysis Software


  • Baker Instrument MP-CT1000 Current Transformer, 1000A

    ID: BAKERMP-CT1000
    Mfr ID: MP-CT1000
    Baker Instrument MP-CT1000 Current Transformer


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