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Elantas Elan-Guard

ELAN-Guard® EM 59-60MR is a water-emulsified epoxy resin that represents a true breakthrough in resin technology. There are minimal tank adjustments needed, its thin film requires little-to-no cleanup, and it has almost no run-off in the oven. Gentle agitation or recirculation is all that is required to keep this resin in suspension.

Environmentally-Friendly Emulsion

  • Exceptional bond strength.
  • Low VOC
  • Very low viscosity for great penetration
  • Flash point > 200° F
  • Very stable tank life
  • Water reducible
  • No co-solvents
  • UL 1446A listed
  • UL 984 listed for hermetic applications

ELAN-Guard® EM 59-60MR Epoxy Emulsion is used in the electric motor repair industry as well as by major original equipment hermetic manufacturers. They use it because of its exceptional bond strength and its tough, thin chemically resistant film. The environment loves ELAN-Guard® EM 59-60MR Epoxy Emulsion because it has low VOCs which cause pollution. Insurance companies and fire departments love it because of its high flash point. Your employees will love it because there are no noxious odors.

Environmentally Friendly Emulsion
ELAN-Guard Em 59-60MR

ELAN-Guard® EM 59-60MR

Elantas PDG Elan-Guard® EM 59-60MR Single-Component Emulsion Epoxy Hermetic Resin, 475 Ib.



This product can help you reduce your footprint, EPA reporting, emissions, & insurance costs!

ALTANA (parent company of ELANTAS) has a goal to be CO2 neutral by 2025

ELANTAS PDG has been manufacturing in St Louis, MO since 1919. They have been an EASA member since 1975. ELANTAS developed and commercialized their product in the US in 1992.