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Anti Static Cleaners / Sprays

Products engineered to protect electronic devices, equipment and work spaces from static build-up while cleaning and reconditioning. These products prevent and eliminate electrostatic point sources on nonporous surfaces.
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  • ACL Staticide High Performance Ultra Floor Finish

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 4600
    ESD floor finish can match Staticide Ultra Floor Finish for electrical properties, physical longevity, and gloss. Ideal choice for any static control environment, such as electronic, medical, clean room manufacturing facilities and sensitive device manufacturing.


  • Desco 10415 Reztore™ Topical Anti-Stat, 1 qt Bottle, Clear

    ID: 10415-DES
    Mfr ID: 10415
    Mfr: Desco
    Reztore Topical Antistat is a topical antistatic solution for use on dissipative and non-ESD surfaces. After Reztore Topical Antistat has been applied and the surface dries, an antistatic and protective static dissipative coating is left behind. The static dissipative coating will allow charges to drain off when grounded. The antistatic properties will reduce triboelectric voltage to under 200V.


  • Desco 10512 Statguard® Floor Finish, 5 gal, Box, Tan

    ID: 10512-DES
    Mfr ID: 10512
    Mfr: Desco
    Statguard static dissipative floor finish is a cross linked polymer used to convert hard non-ESD floors to ESD protective flooring and for use in protecting and enhancing ESD permanent flooring (vinyl, VCT, rubber and other flooring types). Statguard static dissipative floor finish is 3-coat, 18% solids system (Approx 2000 sq-ft/gal) that reduces dry time and labor needed for initial application and on-going maintenance.

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  • ACL Staticide 10R Primer

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 10R
    ACL 10R primer is a clear, penetrating, ready-to-use, non-toxic primer that provides long lasting protection against damage associated with water penetration for a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces, especially non-sealed concrete, when necessary, use in the preparation of 4700SS Staticide Diamond Paint.


  • Desco 10566 Statguard® Neutral Floor Cleaner, 5 gal, Box, Clear Green

    ID: 10566-DES
    Mfr ID: 10566
    Mfr: Desco
    Statguard dissipative neutral floor cleaner is formulated to clean floors treated with Statguard dissipative floor finish and Statguard Low-VOC dissipative floor finish, as well as other dissipative or conductive floor tiles and polymer type floor finishes.


  • Techspray Zero Charge Mat and Table Top Cleaner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1733
    Mfr: Techspray
    Techspray's ESD-Safe mat and table top cleaner can help maintain work areas in a static free environment, tools and personal form a circuit. ESD occurs when the charge of two surface with a large electro potential equalize instantaneously. The resulting discharge or spark can cause catastrophic or latest damage to electronic components.

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  • ACL Staticide Regular Heavy Duty Anti-Static Coating

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 2002
    Heavy duty Staticide is a static control product that is ideal for eliminating static and preventing tribogeneration on carpets, upholstery and fabrics. It is also appropriate to use in avoiding jamming or material slippage during printing, packaging and converting.

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  • 3M ANTISTAT Staticide® Anti-Static Spray, 1 qt Bottle, Amber/Clear

    Topical antistat can be applied to virtually any surface to reduce static charging. Safe and easy to use, this clear liquid can be sprayed or wiped onto worksurfaces, walls, mats, floors, carpets, conveyor belts, clothing or other materials.


  • ACL Staticide Acrylic Floor Finish

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 4000
    Staticide acrylic floor finish offers high-tech static protection at a reasonable price. Perfect anti-static floor finish for production areas, warehousing, shipping, laboratories and electronic repair facilities.


  • ACL Staticide Anti-Static Floor Stripper

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 4010
    Staticide anti-static floor stripper provides a completely clean and finish-ready surface by emulsifying dirt and residual particles of old wax and acrylic floor finishes. Contains no acid, ammonia or phosphates. No ammonia or phosphates.


  • ACL Staticide Mat and Table Top Cleaner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 600
    ACL Mat and Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control stations. It is the ideal cleaner for areas in which static-sensitive devices are assembled, tested, and handled, but can also be used in areas that require a mild but effective cleaner. This non-abrasive formula is safe to use on workstations, table tops and anti-static mats, including rubber and vinyl.

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  • ACL Staticide Anti-Static Coating

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 6300
    The Staticide ESD Safety Shield coatings are made of a proprietary blend of conducting polymers which allows the coating to be inherently dissipative regardless of ambient relative humidity. Formulation will not outgas harmful or volatile components once dry.


  • 3M 8001 Static Control Surface Mark Remover, 1 qt, Bottle, Clear

    ID: 8001-3M-EA
    Mfr ID: 8001
    3M 8001 Cleaner for Static Control Mats is an extra strength product for removing ordinary dirt and grime, as well as difficult spots and stains, from all types of static control surfaces: table mats, floor mats, hard laminate benchtops, portable field service kit work surfaces, etc. Unlike many cleaning products, 3M 8001 Cleaner leaves no tacky or corrosive residue behind to attract dirt, attack delicate parts, or increase the contact resistance of the surface.

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  • ACL Staticide 2006 Static Sentry, 12 oz Aerosol Can, Clear

    ID: ACL2006
    Mfr ID: 2006
    Staticide Static Sentry is ideal for eliminating charge generation on both porous and non-porous materials. Preventing the generation of static has a multitude of benefits including minimizing system errors, preventing dust attraction and removing static charges on garments and upholstery.


  • ACL Staticide 2010 Topical Anti-Static, 32 oz Bottle, Clear Pale Yellow

    ID: ACL2010
    Mfr ID: 2010
    Anti-Static Spray used on carpet, hard floors, cabinetry, work stations, CRT screens, paper, glass, fabrics, plastics and other materials. Includes pump trigger spray for efficient application.


  • ACL Staticide 6500 Anti-Static Coating, 8 oz Can, Clear

    ID: ACL6500
    Mfr ID: 6500
    The 6500 formula, like the 6300, is designed for applications on common plastics such as acrylic, PET, PETG, PVC and polycarbonate, but it is available in an economical aerosol container.


  • Botron B8011 Mat and Rubber Cleaner, 6 oz, Bottle, Transparent

    ID: B8011-BOT
    Mfr ID: B8011
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron's B8011 Static Dissipative Rubber and Vinyl Mat Cleaner is designed and formulated to clean table mat surfaces to ensure that all insulative dirt and other contaminants are removed.


  • Botron B8400 Spray Buff, 1 qt, Bottle, Blue Green

    ID: B8400-BOT
    Mfr ID: B8400
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron Static Dissipative ESD Polymer Floor Finish B8101 is designed to dissipate static charges and stop static generation. It will provide a clear, high gloss finish in the work place. The Botron CleanStat-4 can be applied on any hard surface like vinyl floor tile, sealed concrete, terrazzo and others.


  • Botron B8771 Floor Paint

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: B8771
    Mfr: Botron
    StatCare 1 gal Static Dissipative Floor paint is designed to dissipate static charges and stop static generation. It will provide a durable, UL approved, slip resistant finish and can be applied on sealed concrete. It's water-based epoxy/acrylate formula is extremely resistant to chemicals and solvents.


  • R&R Lotion IC Work Station Cleaner

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: ICSC
    I.C. Workstation Cleaner is a Low-Ionic, General Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner, Biodegradable, "Alcohol-Free", and Odorless, a unique formulation that is mildly cationic to effectively neutralize any static charges, can be used on Work Surfaces, Terminals, Keyboards, and Flat Panel Displays.

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  • ACL Staticide Ultra II Floor Finish

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 4800
    Whether revitalizing old ESD tiles or protecting a new epoxy floor, ACL's Staticide Ultra II Floor Finish will help safeguard your costly investment of specialized flooring. This distinctive anti-static blend is compatible with problematic plasticizers found in conductive and dissipative tiles and epoxy.