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Solder / Desolder Accessories

Soldering irons need proper cleaning and storage, and using the right tip at the right temperature for each job is important for long tip life and the integrity of the solder joint.  Get the right accessories for your equipment at the right price from EIS.   

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  • GC Electronics 10-8109 Heat Sink Compound, 1 oz Squeeze Tube, White, 1/Pack

    ID: 10-8109
    Mfr ID: 2268066
    The 10-8109 is a 1 oz silicone thermal grease can is industry standard zinc oxide filled silicone heat sink grease for most applications. Will not soften at elevated temperatures or dry out or harden. It is in the form of white paste with odorless and insoluble in water.

    In Stock

  • Techspray 1812 Pro Wick Rosin Activated ESD Desoldering Braid, 0.130" x 5', Brown, 25/Case

    ID: 1812-5F
    Mfr ID: 1812-5F
    Mfr: Techspray
    Techspray 1812 desoldering braid (wick) is pre-fluxed copper braid that is used to remove solder, which allows components to be replaced and excess solder to be removed. For the fastest wicking action, rosin flux coated braid is ideal for high volume PCB production/repair environments.


  • Techspray 1822 No-Clean ESD Desoldering Braid

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1822
    Mfr: Techspray
    Techspray no-clean wick does not leave behind ionic flux residues that can collect and form branches called "Dendrites". Other fluxes, if not cleaned properly, can cause Dendrites that grow over time and eventually cause short circuits between traces or leads. Latent failures lead to costly returns and lower the quality perception of your products.

    In Stock

  • Grobet Stainless Steel Probe

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 21.25
    Stainless steel probes, easily shapes curved areas on waxes. Great for radiusing and rounding off corners and edges, especially on insides of rings. Can also be used to quickly debur soft metals.


  • Menda Tools 356 Double Ended Birchwood Probe and Spudger, 7" L, 100/Pack

    ID: 35616-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35616
    Mfr: Menda
    Menda 35616 is a 7 Inch long, wooden probe. The probe is designed for use in ESD safe work areas and perfect for opening plastic cases such as cell phones, MP3 player and laptops.

    In Stock

  • Weller 0052241999 Sponge, 70 mm L x 55 mm W

    ID: 0052241999
    Mfr ID: 52241999
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 70 mm sponge for use with WMPH and WPH81 iron holder.


  • Weller 7760 2-Wire Solder Handle, 110/120VAC, Red

    ID: 7760-WEL
    Mfr ID: 7760
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 7760 2-wire solder handle.


  • Hakko A1511 Pipe Filter, For FM-2024 Desoldering Tool, 10/Pack

    ID: A1511-HAK
    Mfr ID: A1511
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko pipe filter for use with FM2024 desoldering tool.


  • Metcal AC-BRUSH-P Soft Brush, Brass

    Mfr ID: AC-BRUSH-P
    Mfr: Metcal
    Metcal brass soft brush for use with MX to 500 dual switchable output soldering, desoldering and rework systems.


  • Metcal AC-PM1 Pump with Motor Replacement Kit, For MFR Series Desoldering Systems

    ID: AC-PM1
    Mfr ID: AC-PM1
    Mfr: Metcal
    Metcal pump with motor replacement kit for use with MFR series desoldering systems.


  • Edsyn AN122 High Heat Anti-Seize Syringe Dispenser, 2.5 cc

    ID: AN122-EDS
    Mfr ID: AN122
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Edsyn AN122 High Heat Anti-Seize Syringe Dispenser.

    In Stock

  • Hakko B3218 Anti-Bacterial Sleeve Assembly, For FM-2027 Soldering Handpiece

    ID: B3218-HAK
    Mfr ID: B3218
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko blue anti-bacterial sleeve assembly for use with FM-2027 soldering handpiece.

    In Stock

  • Hakko C1091 Handle, For 807 Desoldering Iron, 472, 472B, 472D, 473, 702, 703 Soldering Station

    ID: C1091-HAK
    Mfr ID: C1091
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko black handle for use with 807 desoldering iron, 472, 472B, 472D, 473, 702, 703 soldering station.


  • Weller DS103 Replacement Collector Tube Assembly, For DS Series Desoldering Stations

    ID: DS103-WEL
    Mfr ID: DS103
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller replacement collector tube assembly for use with DS series desoldering stations.


  • Jonard Industries EX-5 ESD Safe Stainless Steel Extraction Tool, 4" L, Black

    ID: EX-5-0KT
    Mfr ID: EX-5
    This PLCC extraction tool extracts a range of PLCC sizes from 20 pins through 128 pins from any socket without damage to the chip. Spring loaded one-hand design requires no pulling, just squeeze handles and chip is lifted from the socket. ESD safe handles for use on all static-safe components. Machined stainless steel for long-life.


  • Edsyn MS412 Temperature Measuring Device

    ID: MS412-EDS
    Mfr ID: MS412
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Compact digital meter system suitable for measuring and calibrating soldering or desoldering tip temperatures. Displays in deg C and deg F. Comes with CAS412 carrying case.


  • Metcal MX-DS1 Handpiece Cord, For MX-DSI Desoldering Gun on the MX-500, MX-5000

    ID: MX-DS1
    Mfr ID: MX-DS1
    Mfr: Metcal
    Metcal 70 Inch handpiece cord for use with MX-DSI desoldering gun on the MX-500, MX-5000 and MX-5200 soldering and rework series system.


  • Metcal MX-RM8E Desoldering Handpiece Cord, For MX-DSI Desoldering Gun

    ID: MX-RM8E
    Mfr ID: MX-RM8E
    Mfr: Metcal
    Metcal 178cm desoldering handpiece cord for use with MX-DSI desoldering gun, MX-500, MX-5000 and MX-5200 soldering and rework series system.


  • Production Devices 801 ABS Lead Bender, 5.25" L, For Diodes, 1/4W, 1/2W Resistors

    ID: PD-801
    Mfr ID: 801
    Production Devices ABS lead bender for use with diodes, 1/4W, 1/2W resistors.

    In Stock

  • Beau Tech SH-20H Hook/Straight Fork Tip Tool, 8" L x 0.33" W x 0.156" H, Satin Chrome

    ID: SH-20H
    Mfr ID: SH-20H
    Mfr: Beau Tech
    Beau Tech makes quality soldering aids for assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards. This SH-20H double ended soldering aid is 8 Inch long, has a hook fork tip on one end and a straight fork tip on the other.


  • Pace 1127-0002-P5 #20 Tube Cleaning Brush, 2-1/2" dia x 3/8" L, Nylon Bristle/Metal Handle

    ID: 1127-0002
    Mfr ID: 1127-0002-P5
    Pace #20 tube cleaning brush


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