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Soldering & Rework

At EIS, we supply Soldering and Rework products of various types, styles, and sizes, all designed to meet your specific organizational needs. Soldering and Rework products are essential tools for use in electronic repair and production. These products are used to fuse metal parts together by melting them together, forming a permanent bond. These products are used in a variety of industries including automotive, areo-space, and electronics, and provide many benefits including improved conductivity, reduced risk of electrical damage, and easy repair. At EIS, we provide a wide range of Soldering and Rework products including Desoldering & Rework Equipment, Fume Extraction, Solder & Desolder Accessories, Solder and Desolder Tips, Soldering Materials, and much more. EIS supplies Soldering & Rework equipment of the highest quality from the industry's leading suppliers. For more information, browse our selection of Soldering & Rework categories below! 

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