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Fume Extraction

Keep health, efficiency and economy prioritized equally in your soldering environment. Benchtop smoke absorbers will protect the single user, while fume extractor systems with large filtration systems can provide a safe breathing environment to an entire facility. 

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  • Menda Tools 35461 Replacement Filter Set, For 35460 Fume Extractor

    ID: 35461-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35461
    Mfr: Menda
    The fume extractor should have at least 18 Inches of space around the unit to ensure adequate air flow. Replacement particulate filter set. Replacement parts for items included as part of the Menda 35460 fume extractor kit.


  • Weller 53623299 Self-Contained 2 Operator Fume Extractor, 1.5 cfm, 120V

    ID: 0053623299
    Mfr ID: 53623299
    Mfr: Weller
    Capacity for up to two Weller fume extraction irons/stations. Reduces harmful soldering emissions from the source. Extracts 99.99% of fumes before they can be released into environment. Efficient four stage replaceable filter system.


  • Hakko 999-205-02 Rectangle Nozzle Kit, For HJ3100 Fume Extractor

    ID: 999-205-02
    Mfr ID: 999-205-02
    Mfr: Hakko
    999-205-02 Hakko kit with rectangle nozzle, Hakko's Loc-Line kit is a flexible segmented hose allowing the hood to be placed close to the work.


  • Hakko A158 Pre-Filter

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: A158
    Mfr: Hakko
    Filter consists of a pleated fiberglass paper medium, providing the greatest amount of surface area within the volume of the filter case. Pleated filter captures 98% of particles 0.3A µm in size.

    In Stock

  • Edsyn AF629 Felt Filter Set, For 1036/AF110/AF139/AF511/AF520/AFX73 Filters

    ID: AF629-EDS
    Mfr ID: AF629
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Edsyn AF629 Felt Filter Set.


  • Metcal BVX-BCK Under Bench Mounting Bracket, For BVX-101/BVX-103 Fume Extractor

    Mfr ID: BVX-BCK
    Mfr: Metcal
    This under bench mounting bracket will allow you to free up bench space by securely fitting the filtration unit under the operators bench.


  • Hakko C1572 Round Nozzle Duct Kit, For FA-430 Fume Extraction Unit

    ID: C1572-HAK
    Mfr ID: C1572
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko FA-430 fume extraction system duct kit #C1572 features a round nozzle.


  • Hakko FA430-16 Volume Fume Extraction System, 246 cu-m/hr Single Duct, 284 cu-m/hr Two Duct, 120W, 120VAC

    ID: FA430-16-HAK
    Mfr ID: FA430-16
    Mfr: Hakko
    The Hakko FA430-16 is a volume fume extractor unit with pre-HEPA and maximum 2 ports/2 stations, no arms, 120W. Inside the unit, two filters, comprising three stages of filtering, remove the contaminants from the air. The purified air is then returned to the area where the Hakko FA430-016 Volume Fume Extraction Unit is located.


  • Metcal FP-BVX Replacement Pre-Filter, For BVX-100/BVX-200 Single User Arm/Plenum System

    ID: FP-BVX
    Mfr ID: FP-BVX
    Mfr: Metcal
    Metcal replacement pre-filter for use with BVX-100, BVX-200 benchtop single user arm/plenum system.


  • Edsyn FX225 Fuminator® 2 Operator Volume Fume Extraction System, 204 cu-m/hr, 110/115V

    ID: FX225-EDS
    Mfr ID: FX225
    Mfr: Edsyn
    The FX225 is a complete fume extraction solution for two operators. The system comes complete with extractor, (2) 50mm arms with Nozzles attached and a premium HEPA filter installed. An incredible Value!.


  • Edsyn Fuminator® Benchtop Fume Extractor Fan

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: FXF
    Mfr: Edsyn
    The task light is useful when working on small applications and reduces eyestrain. If you don't need the light a light diffuser has been included. Larger grey adjustment knobs have been provided for easier positioning. You will find many uses for this versatile extractor, do not miss your opportunity to own one today!.


  • Edsyn HT01 Replacement Tube, For HT500 Hot Dip Desoldering Hand Tool

    ID: HT01-EDS
    Mfr ID: HT01
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Edsyn HT01 Replacement Tube.


  • Metcal MFX-2200C-A Analog Particle Fume Extraction System, 600 cu-m/hr, 400W, 110V

    ID: MFX-2200C-A
    Mfr ID: MFX-2200C-A
    Mfr: Metcal
    The multi-user MFX-2200C Fume Extraction System provides the ultimate performance in a compact size that easily fits under most workbenches. It is ideal for removing solder fumes and filtering laser fumes.


  • Metcal MX-DCF1F Replacement Filter, For MX-DS1 Desoldering Handpiece

    ID: MX-DCF1F
    Mfr ID: MX-DCF1F
    Mfr: Metcal
    Metcal replacement filter for use with MX-DS1 desoldering hand-piece.


  • Weller WFE2ES Economy Volume Fume Extraction System, 220 cu-m/hr, 15VA, 230V at 50 Hz, 115V at 60 Hz

    Mfr ID: WFE2ES
    Mfr: Weller
    The fume extraction unit WFE 2ES is easy to install and operate. It is designed as a smaller central system and is supplied complete with flexible hose, arm and bracket, ready for installation.


  • Weller WFE2XKIT Volume Fume Extraction System

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: WFE2XKIT
    Mfr: Weller
    The WFE2XKIT1S fume extractor kit includes volume fume extraction system for 1 workplace and a sloped nozzle. The mobile fume extraction unit purifies air up to two workplaces.


  • Weller WSA350F Fume Extraction Filter, 130 mm L x 130 mm W x 10 mm H, For WSA350 Benchtop Smoke Absorber

    ID: WSA350F-WEL
    Mfr ID: WSA350F
    Mfr: Weller
    Removes flux fumes from soldering workbench. 2.5g maximum capacity for noxious components per filter.

    In Stock

  • Edsyn XF2502 Combined Filter, 9" L x 12" W x 10" H, For FX200/FX225/FX250/FX300 Fume Extraction System

    ID: XF2502-EDS
    Mfr ID: XF2502
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Edsyn XF2502 ESD safe fume extraction HEPA filter.


  • Edsyn XF300 Filter Pack, 13" W x 17" H x 12" D, For FX300 Fume Extraction System

    ID: XF300-ESD
    Mfr ID: XF300
    Mfr: Edsyn
    The FX300 is an ESD safe volume extraction system. This system is designed for one to four operators. The FX300 is provided with dual inlets, each with a 75 mm diameter. Extraction arms and fume nozzles are sold separately (FXS7518). The FX300 has a small footprint, a powerful self-contained vacuum and a maintenance free brushless motor.


  • Edsyn XF03 Atmoscope Fuminator Stationary Filter, For FXF10/FXF11/FXF12/FXF14 Fume Extractor Fan

    ID: XF03-EDS
    Mfr ID: XF03
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Edsyn XF03 Atmoscope Fuminator Stationary Filter.


  • Menda Tools 35450 Pre-Filter, For 35440/35445 Fume Extractors

    ID: 35450-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35450
    Mfr: Menda
    Intended to be used with Menda 35451 HEPA combined filter. Used to capture larger particular matter. Surface area 0.06 sq-m.


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