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QuickFabs by EIS
Exciting news! EIS has launched a new website with same day shipping on a selection of tapes: www.quickfabs.com.

The new site offers a value-add quick turn service for electrical tapes from top-tier manufacturers like 3M, Intertape, and Nitto. What’s even more exciting is that the order will be shipped same day if submitted by 1 pm local time!

What happens if you place an order after 1pm? Have no worries, the items will ship the next day! 

The purchasing process is seamless and can be completed in three easy steps: 

1. Pick your desired product

Select product

2. Choose the size you need

Select size

3. Check out and pay with a credit card!

Check out
With guaranteed products in stock and a short dependable lead time, EIS is your one stop shop for small volume tape conversions with the best-in-class customer service and support.

Visit the site now to get started or contact us with any questions you may have!
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Do I need to have an EIS Account? 
You don't! QuickFabs orders are processed by credit card and do not require an active EIS account.

Where are these items coming from?
Our products are sold from EIS Fabrication Solutions. We ship from 2 locations, one on the East side and the other on the West side of the U.S.

Can I get my company pricing on these tapes?
Items on the Quickfabs.com website have a different turnaround time and part number in our system. Therefore pricing cannot be matched to what is offered through EIS or the EIS-inc.com website.

Can I get expedited shipping on these items?
Yes; standard shipping is via ground, but you can select 2 day or overnight shipping to receive your items in a faster manner.

Can I buy other items from EIS along with these tapes and include them in the same order?
No; items on this website are processed independently from other EIS orders.

As all products are custom manufactured, orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable. All orders are shipped with manufacturers' certificates