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Custom Fabrication for Vibration Damping Materials

Manufacturers in the automotiveelectronicsmedical devices, and power generation industries continually investigate acoustic technology that incorporates more efficient sound and vibration damping to combat buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR), also known as noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). This includes reducing noise in various applications, from anti-squeak protection between plastic components to electronic devices needing shock absorption, vibration isolation, and thermal management. Excessive vibration can cause parts to wear out prematurely in sensitive electronics or operating malfunction and mechanical failure in devices. Companies can combat vibration with an isolator such as a vibration dampener by employing effective materials and proven converting techniques.

What materials are available for Buzz Squeak Rattle?

Several material options provide the optimal solution to your buzz, squeak, or rattle issue that can be custom converted to fit your exact application.

UHMW Tape is a heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant polyethylene film tape with a high molecular weight and is available in clear and black. It is an excellent choice for providing a thin, strong barrier between two squeaking parts. 

LDPE or Lo-Density Polyethylene Tape performs in applications that require flexibility. It utilizes a strong bonding acrylic adhesive that works on most surfaces, including complex shapes. LDPE tape is helpful between plastic, vinyl, or fabric-covered parts.

Foam Tape is an excellent choice for sound dampening and moderate abrasion resistance qualities. It can be used in-between gaps between mating components, and laminated films may be added to provide additional abrasion resistance.

Flock Tape is a high-performing and low-cost solution for a variety of BSR applications. Flock tape is comprised of dense nylon fibers that can withstand and resist crushing, which can be a significant source for squeaking and rattling challenges. 

Non-woven Tape works great for applications that call for a slip barrier between metal or plastic components. It is most often utilized in situations requiring thinness and flexibility.

Custom Fabrication for Vibration and Sound Damping Materials

EIS provides custom fabrication for a versatile product line that serves as vibration damping material, non-skid feet, spacers, and cushions. Vibration damping tape and vibration damping foam from 3M™, Avery Dennison, and Saint-Gobain help protect surfaces from marring, staining, and abrasion and are perfect for use on laptop computers, calculators, electronic equipment, automotive applications, appliances, and housewares.

EIS can custom fabricate parts to specific requirements needed in each market with capabilities such as:

  • Die-cutting – die cut and laser cut from CAD, spec sheets, or hand-drawn sketch
  • Slitting – custom slitting and rewinding from .030” to 78” wide
  • Converting services – many other services available

For the medical market, EIS produces various gaskets for vibration damping. Frequently, vibration-damping material is combined with surface protection and structural reinforcements, including environmental sealing, and our lamination services excel in supporting this application.

Rapid prototyping is a fast and effective way to test vibration damping materials in your specific application. EIS offers quick quoting on prototypes with as fast as a 48-hour turnaround on delivering your prototype.