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Surface protection is a value-driven solution to protect goods from being damaged, resulting in problems for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who must deal with the returns and dissatisfied customers. Protective films are used in various applications, such as metal finishing, industrial, transportation, white goods, and electronics to prevent harm to the products and save manufacturers money. Susceptible materials, such as highly polished surfaces, stainless steel, glass, and mirrors, require these temporary barriers to maintain a flawless finish and resist stains from handling.


Large and heavy products such as appliances pose an extra challenge to transport and install. Temporary protective films protect from scratching, marring, and contamination at every step.

Packaging Protection
Customers expect their purchases to arrive in perfect condition. Many products pose a challenge in shipping and protective films, Poly bagging, cushioning, and cold seal packaging are just some of the many creative solutions. Temporary films protect throughout all stages of processing and shipping to ensure pristine condition.


Protective film coatings are essential in protecting both exterior automotive services and interior surfaces. For example, temporary films can help protect everything from delicate high-gloss interior trim and consoles to touch screens.

EIS provides surface protective material for painted or primed surfaces, metals, plastics, composite materials, and glass. Fabricated protective films and tapes include 3M Scotchgard, 3M Scotchcal, Polyethylene, UV, Protective Carpet Tape, Multi-Polymer, Gloss Clear, and Smooth Cling Film. We offer Brightness Enhancement, Display Protection, Anti-Reflection, and Light Control Films. Adhesive types vary from Acrylic, Pressure Sensitive, Rubber, and Silicone.

Converting Films and Tapes for Surface Protection

EIS converts surface protection films and masking to protect finished products during packing and shipping using rotary die-cutting, custom die-cutting, and precision slitting for various materials. Film converting is available with or without PSA borders, used for applications both indoors and outdoors.

Since many of these materials are discarded after shipping or use, our extensive sourcing capability provides unique value to customers looking for cost reduction.

EIS uses protective tapes and films for a multitude of applications to help prevent damage to your products. These materials can be used on various surfaces and help protect against scratches, marring, chipping, abrasion, and UV exposure during production, packaging, shipping, and installation.

Rapid prototyping is a fast and effective way to test protective tapes and films in your specific application. We offer quick quoting on prototypes and as fast as a 48-hour turnaround on delivering your prototype.