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Tape & Label Dispensers

Dispensing tape and labels, whether for warehouse use or office applications, requires efficiency, accuracy and ease-of-use in a Dispenser. Economy to Deluxe styles are available, and all versions keep your labels and tape within easy reach on a tabletop or mounted on a wall.
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  • 3M 70860080640 Serrated Blade, For Scotch® M73 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M70860080640
    Mfr ID: 70860080640
    3M serrated blade for use with Scotch® M73 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78801171816 Blade Assembly, For Scotch® C22 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M78801171816
    Mfr ID: 78801171816
    3M blade assembly for use with Scotch® C22 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78801876976 Corrugated Blade, For Scotch® H129 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M78801876976
    Mfr ID: 78801876976
    3M corrugated blade for use with Scotch® H129 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78802879367 Tape Drum Assembly, For Scotch® M712 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M78802879367
    Mfr ID: 78802879367
    3M tape drum assembly for use with Scotch® M712 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78809467778 Drive Belt, For 3M-Matic™ 800r, 800r3 Case Sealers

    ID: 3M78809464478
    Mfr ID: 78809467778
    3M drive belt for use with 3M-Matic™ 800R, 800R3 case sealers.


  • Botron B2000 Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser, 11.8" L x 6-1/2" W x 6.7" H, 100VAC, 120VAC, 220 - 240VAC, Gray

    ID: B2000-BOT
    Mfr ID: B2000
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron B2000 auto feed carousel tape dispenser automatically cuts the tape and places it on a rotating carousel for easy use. When you need multiple pieces of tape at your fingertips this unit will do just that. Holds up to 10 pre-cut pieces on the carousel.


  • 3M M900 Scotch® Definite Length Manual Box Sealing Tape Dispenser, 4", Tan, 1/Case

    ID: 3MM900
    Mfr ID: 78806939985
    Scotch box sealing tape manual definite length dispenser M900 helps operators improve efficiency and reduce waste by dispensing consistent lengths of tape regardless of speed or volume. Fast, efficient lever controlled operation. Helps achieve uniform box closure for reduced rework and improved customer satisfaction.


  • 3M Scotch® P5x Mainline Pull and Cut Tape Dispenser

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: P5x
    Scotch mainline dispenser P5x holds and dispenses tape rolls. With the ability to accommodate multiple rolls, you can hold and dispense various types of film-backed, filament enforced and general paper tapes with the simple ease you've come to expect from Scotch tape dispensers.

    In Stock

  • Start International ZCM1100 Automatic Tape Dispenser, 9.8" L x 5.4" W x 6.2" H, 117V, Beige

    ID: STARTZCM1100
    Mfr ID: ZCM1100
    The START International ZCM1100 electric tape dispenser with safety guard cutting head automatically cuts and advances predefined tape lengths and is suitable for medium to high production of repetitive taping in industrial applications. The safety guard protects the operator by preventing the cutter from activating when objects (such as fingers or tools) are present. The dispenser accepts tape rolls in widths from 0.28 to 2 Inch, with an outside roll diameter up to 7 Inch. Using the LED display panel, feed and cut can be set to automatically advance and cut the material. The photosensor detects if there is tape at the outlet for accurate and consistent feeds and cuts. The feed and cut can also be operated manually with a push button.


  • Intertape 1969 Medium Grade Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser, 2", Blue, 24/Case

    ID: 1969-UNT
    Mfr ID: 1969
    High impact plastic. Reinforced steel frame. Natural rubber roller. Adjustable tension control. Heat treated steel blade. Maximum roll diameter of 5.5 Inch.


  • 3M 80610910269 Replacement Blade, For 620 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M620BLADE
    Mfr ID: 80610910269
    3M replacement blade for use with 620 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 70701163704 Knife Blade, For Scotch® M851, P3L, P3S, P3XL, B6T Tape Dispensers

    ID: 3M70701163704
    Mfr ID: 70701163704
    3M knife blade for use with Scotch® M851, P3L, P3S, P3XL, B6T tape dispensers.


  • 3M 70860080582 Corrugated Blade, For Scotch® P52, M742, S609 Tape Dispensers

    ID: 3M70860080582
    Mfr ID: 70860080582
    3M corrugated blade for use with Scotch® P52, M742, S609 tape dispensers.


  • 3M 70860080632 Serrated Blade, For Scotch® C22 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M70860080632
    Mfr ID: 70860080632
    3M serrated blade for use with Scotch® C22 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 70860100166 Simmons Tape Knife, 1-1/4" W x 1.64 H x 0.06" T

    ID: 3M70860100166
    Mfr ID: 70860100166
    3M Simmons tape knife for use with 3M-Matic™ S857 applicator, Scotch® S609 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 70860080590 Corrugated Blade, For G4, G442, GAT Tape Dispensers

    ID: 3M70860080590
    Mfr ID: 70860080590
    3M corrugated blade for use with G4, G442, GAT tape dispensers.


  • 3M 70860100554 Crush Ground Blade, For Scotch® C23 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M70860100554
    Mfr ID: 70860100554
    3M crush ground blade for use with Scotch® C23 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 70860100513 Crush Ground Blade, For Scotch® P39 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M70860100513
    Mfr ID: 70860100513
    3M crush ground blade for use with Scotch® P39 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78801568961 Feed Wheel, For Scotch® M96 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M78801568961
    Mfr ID: 78801568961
    3M feed wheel for use with Scotch® M96 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78801875341 Mandrel, Brown, For Scotch® P400 Bag Sealer, 3M™ M77 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M78801875341
    Mfr ID: 78801875341
    3M brown mandrel for use with Scotch® P400 bag sealer, 3M™ M77 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78800558658 Bumpon™ Bumper, For Scotch® M96, M635, M707, M712, M727, M737, M797 Tape Dispensers

    ID: 3M78800558658
    Mfr ID: 78800558658
    3M Bumpon™ bumper for use with Scotch® M96, M635, M707, M712, M727, M737, M797 tape dispensers.


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