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Check your motor's health! Solutions for your maintenance, repair and production needs.

MotorAnalyzer 1

Universal tester for electric motors and windings

The MotorAnalyzer 1 is a universal tester to inspect electric motors and windings. It combines 10 different test methods within one user-friendly and mobile device.

  • Surge test
  • Turn-to-turn fault detection
  • Insulation resistance, PI, DAR, HiPot DC, up to 4 kV Resistance, PE / Ground-resistance
  • Neutral zone adjustment at DC-motors

MotorAnalyzer 2

Universal tester for electric motors and windings

With its 13 different test methods MotorAnalyzer 2 offers almost everything for testing electric motors and windings. The compact and robust design makes the MotorAnalyzer 2 to an ideal tool for on-site operations.

  • Autotest, automatic winding analysis
  • Surge voltage up to 3 kV
  • Turn-to-turn fault detection
  • Insulation resistance, PI, DAR, HiPot DC, up to 6 kV Resistance, inductance, capacity, impedance Neutral zone adjustment at DC-motors


Universal surge tester for all kinds of windings 

The MTC2 is a high-end surge tester – no other tester offers such an impressive performance variety. With the MTC2 you can inspect coils, stators, armatures and all kinds of windings according to the latest state of the art – uncompromisingly precise.

  • For repair, mass production, automation and laboratories
  • Perfect for motors, generators and all kinds of windings
  • Surge voltage up to 50 kV – surge energy up to 125 Joule
  • Partial discharge according to IEC 61394, DIN EN 60034-18-41
  • Resistance, inductance, HiPot AC/DC
  • Insulation resistance, PI, DAR, step voltage


High-end tester for mass production

The MTC3 is freely-configurable to meet your specific requirements and offers high-end test technology for complex test tasks for various kinds of windings as electric motors, transformers, solenoid coils, etc.

  • Combine test methods according to your test tasks
    • Surge voltage, partial discharge
    • HiPot AC/DC, insulation resistance
    • Resistance, direction of rotation
  • Unlimited number of winding and temperature probe connections Interfaces to PLC, ERP and MES systems
  • Standard and customized contacting, test adapters
  • Test covers, protective devices


Fault location & Online monitoring at motors/generators

The Dynamic-MotorAnalyzer inspects motors and generators during operation and provides, amongst others, overall condition and performance data of machines, load and input power and more.

  • Measurements at running motors – even for dynamometers
  • For mains and VFD operation
  • For all modern tests as e.g. voltage, current, power, harmonics, unique multifunctional oscilloscope
  • Unique Smart-FFT for broken rotor bar analysis
  • Data recorder with real-time measuring values for subsequent analysis Trend analysis for preventive maintenance


Inspection and adjustment of encoders and resolvers

The EncoderAnalyzer allows inspections of rotary encoders even without special know-how. It supplies the rotary encoder with voltage, measures all signals and evaluates them automatically. 

  • Automatic inspection of all encoder signals as e.g.     
    • Number of pulses, duty cycle, signal voltage level
    • 90° phase shift, inverted signals
  • Integrated voltage supply for encoders and resolvers Inspection of AC-servo motors
    • EMF-measurement
    • Rotary encoder angle adjustment
  • Data interfaces for absolute rotary encoders

HiPot Testers

From 1 kV up to 100 kV AC/DC

Our HiPot testers provide test voltages for almost each test task. We offer a fi nely graded variety of testers from 1 kV up to 100 kV AC/DC with different currents and powers.

  • Manual and automatic tests
  • Adjustable voltage profi les and test sequences 2-way safety circuit inputs
  • Interfaces to PC or PLC


Universal test systems for mass production

The GLP3 motor test systems assure safety tests and entire function tests according to standards. The motor test systems are configured and manufactured perfectly meeting your individual requirements.

  • Idle and load testers, dynamometers
  • Function test 1-/ 3-phase up to 800 A, even for VFD Integration of all relevant safety tests
  • Interfaces to PLC, ERP- and MES systems Contacting, test adapters
  • Test covers, protective devices


Test systems, production lines, EOL

SCHLEICH develops, designs and manufactures complete test workstations, production lines with transfer systems, EOL-test stations and large industrial installations with various testers according to your specifi c requirements.

  • Customized test workstations, EOL-test stations
  • Integration into already existing production lines or delivery of complete new production lines
  • Test cells with rotary indexing table or robot and camera systems Mechanical adaption, contacting and test adapters
  • Interfaces to PLC, ERP and MES systems
  • Result evaluation according to statistical methods 

Bonding Machines and Impregnation Systems

Reliable bonding technology for stand-alone work stations or also integrated in automatic production lines. We individually design and manufacture bonding stations according to your requirements.  

  • DC and AC bonding machines
  • Up to 2500 A, 1000 V, incl. online temperature monitoring Standard- and speed bonding with up to 170 A/mm2
  • 3 bonding techniques: voltage, current or temperature regulation Fully-automatic impregnation process
  • Varnish-hardening according to current-UV-method
  • Additional test methods as e.g. surge voltage may be included

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