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  • Simco Aerostat 4003367 Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower, 120VAC, 35 - 70 cfm

    ID: 4003367
    Mfr ID: 4003367
    Mfr: Simco
    The Aerostat PC is an excellent choice for eliminating static in production processes. Distinguished by its variable fan speed control, heater element, and emitter point cleaner, while helping to protect products and personnel from the effects of static discharge, the Aerostat PC is lightweight, small, and quiet - making it easy for the user to direct the ionization where it is needed.


  • Botron B48282C Electrostatic Floating Plate Charger, 1100VDC Output

    ID: B48282C-BOT
    Mfr ID: B48282C-BOT
    Mfr: Botron
    Designed as an add-on for the B48282C will charge the B48282, permitting it to test and monitor the balance of ionization devices. Running off a 9V battery, the B48282C has the ability to output both positive and negative voltage that can be transferred to the adapter plate.


  • Simco Simco-ION 10735-001 Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower, 115V, 80 - 160 cfm

    ID: 10735-001-SIM
    Mfr ID: 10735-001-SIM
    Mfr: Simco
    The VSE 3000's self-balancing circuitry maintains a balance range of 0+/-5V. Designed using sound absorbing materials, the VSE 3000 is exceptionally quiet while delivering a powerful air flow with low energy loss. The VSE 3000 features an integrated user controlled heater for operator comfort, rear panel blower controls for easy operation when mounting overhead or on a wall and an optional air filter assembly for use in extremely dirty environments.


  • Desco 19500 Bench Top Blower Ionizer, 120VAC, 117 cfm

    ID: 19500-DES
    Mfr ID: 19500-DES
    Mfr: Desco
    This ionizing unit is a self-balancing bench top ionizer. The ionizer's Faraday balance system assures low offset voltage or balance automatically. It offers greater efficiency and easier cleaning than conventional ionizers. The bench top ionizer is designed to neutralize static electricity from insulators and isolated conductors in localized work areas in assembly rooms, wave solder lines, laboratories, QC, test stations, packing and shipping areas and clean rooms.


  • SCS 960X Wall Transformer, 120VAC (Input), 24VAC (Output), For 960 Mini Air Ionizer, 980 Ionized Air Gun

    ID: 960X-3M
    Mfr ID: 960X-3M
    One transformer will supply power for up to four 960 mini air ionizers.


  • SCS 980-F Air Filter For 980 and 980E Ionized Air Guns, 3/Pack

    ID: 980-F-3M
    Mfr ID: 980-F-3M
    These filters are 99.9% efficient and should be changed every 3 months or when they begin to look dirty.


  • SCS 991 Over Head Air Ionizer, 100 - 230VAC, 114 cfm

    ID: 991-3M
    Mfr ID: 991-3M
    The steady-state DC ion emission enables fast discharge with low airflow, providing a more comfortable work environment for operators. Emitter points are placed behind the fan to eliminate field-induced charge and to ensure a homogeneous mixture of ionized air. Also featured are open-cell foam filters on the fan intakes, protecting the internal components from environmental contamination.


  • Desco 19595 Viper Ion Gun, 100 - 240VAC (Input), 24VDC (Output), 13 cfm

    ID: 19595-DES
    Mfr ID: 19595-DES
    Mfr: Desco
    The Desco viper ion gun is a point-of-use ionizer used for neutralizing electrostatic charges to eliminate attraction, visual imperfections and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris. It uses compressed clean dry air (CDA), or a special nozzle (19596) may be purchased separately for use with nitrogen. Fast discharge times with +/- 15V offset voltage meet the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and ESD TR53. A green LED on the back of the hand piece illuminates when the trigger is depressed to indicate that the gun is outputting ionized air. A red LED indicates abnormal output.


  • SCS 980 Hand-Held Ionizing Air Gun, 120VAC

    ID: 980-3M
    Mfr ID: 980-3M
    The 980 is a multi-component device that consists of a hand unit, an air hose and a mounting console. Compact and lightweight, the console for the 980 can be mounted anywhere on the workstation for easy access. It connects to any supply of clean, dry air or nitrogen, and an internal disposable filter collects particles from the air supply. The low-voltage electrical feed from the console to the hand unit is incorporated into the 7 ft light, flexible air hose. The gun itself is very lightweight and ergonomically designed for long-term user comfort and efficient operation. The console, gun and air hose are all made of static-dissipative, ESD-safe material.


  • Desco 19587 Bench Top Ion Python Hand Gun, 120VAC, 3.5 cfm at 30 psi

    ID: 19587-DES
    Mfr ID: 19587-DES
    Mfr: Desco
    The Desco Ion Python neutralizing hand gun is a ready-to-use unit designed for use in applications and areas where static can create manufacturing or handling problems. These units quickly and effectively neutralize bulk static charges and aid in controlling contamination by dislodging dust and debris attracted by static electricity. Airflow may be easily adjusted from a gentle stream to a powerful blast. These units are designed for use in applications and areas where electrostatic attraction contamination create manufacturing or handling problems.


  • Simco Aerostat 4002612 Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower, 120V, 70 cfm (Low), 95 cfm (Medium), 120 cfm (High)

    ID: 4002612
    Mfr ID: 4002612
    Mfr: Simco
    The 4002612 is a 120VAC ionizing air blower with powder-coated white steel enclosure and stainless steel emitter points. This blower features inherently balanced to 5V protects even the most sensitive electronic components. Rapid static charge decay times over a wide area neutralizes charges over the entire workbench.


  • Simco Aerostat 4004063 Over head Ionizing Air Blower, 120VAC, 150 - 300 cfm

    ID: 4004063
    Mfr ID: 4004063
    Mfr: Simco
    Equipped with task lighting and an integrated heater, the Guardian offers user-friendly operation while effectively protecting sensitive components from ESD damage.


  • Simco Top Gun Static Dissipative Polycarbonate Ionizing Air Gun

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 4005
    Mfr: Simco
    Balanced to 0 +/- 15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force and low air consumption providing high efficiency cleaning and maximum static charge decay. A filter at the exit of the gun ensures that the air is clean.

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  • Simco Simco-ION 5050696 Filter/Nozzle Kit For Gun line of Ionizers, 2/Pack

    ID: 5050696
    Mfr ID: 5050696
    Mfr: Simco
    The filter located at the exit of the gun ensures that the air is clean.


  • Desco 60480 Replacement Emitter Cassette For Benchtop Overhead Ionizer

    ID: 60480-DES
    Mfr ID: 60480-DES
    Mfr: Desco
    Emitter board, for overhead ionizer. Designed for cleanroom use with multiple high output fans with sealed plenum chamber around each fan, closed-loop feedback electronic balance system.


  • Desco Chargebuster® Jr 60500 Bench Top High Output Ionizer with Cassette, 120VAC, 77 cfm

    ID: 60500-DES
    Mfr ID: 60500-DES
    Mfr: Desco
    The Desco Chargebuster Jr. H/O ionizer is a compact and lightweight auto-balancing bench top ionizer with our patented emitter cassette that slides out for easy cleaning and replacement. The Chargebuster Jr.'s unique active feedback balancing circuit automatically ensures and maintains the unit's ion balance despite variations in line voltage, air speed, or emitter electrode condition. The unit's compact, efficient design minimizes bench top space requirements and need for maintenance, while maximizing neutralization efficiency and overall performance.


  • SCS 960 Bench Top Mini Air Ionizer, 24V, 22 scfm

    ID: 960-3M
    Mfr ID: 960-3M
    SCS Mini air ionizer 960 is designed to generate a well-balanced flow of ionized air particles, which helps neutralize stray electrostatic buildup on a surface. Charges are dissipated in seconds and the possibility of a damaging electrostatic discharge (ESD) event is minimized. The ionizer also maintains a reasonably balanced flow (+/- 20V) of ionized air.


  • SCS 963E Bench Top Air Ionizer, 220/230V, 0.5 m/s (Low), 1.5 m/s (High)

    ID: 963E-3M
    Mfr ID: 963E-3M
    SCS 963E benchtop air ionizer are the two-speed fan, power indicator lamp, and static-dissipative plastic housing. When using the low speed fan setting it does not disturb paper or delicate parts and is extremely quite. The high-speed fan setting can be used for more rapid neutralization of static charges in environments where faster decay rates are required.


  • Botron B48382 Electrostatic Ionization Field Meter, 9V

    ID: B48382-BOT
    Mfr ID: B48382-BOT
    Mfr: Botron
    The Botron B48382 AIM audit ionization meter is a compact, portable survey instrument for measuring electrostatic charge and ion balance. The AIM measures electrostatic charges up to 20kV (20000V) at a distance of 1 Inch.


  • Botron Bench Top Air Ionizer

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: B48611
    Mfr: Botron
    Botron's air ionizer is a high frequency unit that provides both reliability and performance. It's light weight and compact design combined with an adjustable blowing angle makes it a versatile bench top application. Standard equipment comes built with an on and off switch along with an auto ion balance and abnormal HV monitoring system.


  • Botron B48614SF Ionizing Air Snake, 100 - 240VAC

    ID: B48614SF-BOT
    Mfr ID: B48614SF-BOT
    Mfr: Botron
    The B48614SF ionizing snake is the perfect solution for those who need pin point ionization of static sensitive components. While eliminating static charge it also removes any charged particles or debris that can collect on components. The adjustable neck provides the freedom of use for operators as well as precision ionization.


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