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Sourcing can consume valuable time in research, pricing, and managing vendors. Indirect, low volume, and spot buys carry a heavy cost for a purchasing transaction. EIS’ Sourcing Services can assist with our product expertise and supplier partners so no time is wasted searching, validating, and onboarding suppliers. Our market experience and distribution leverage ensures you receive a competitive price for both high and low volume products with confidence. No time is wasted to get the product to your dock.

Category Experience


Our sourcing team is led by subject matter experts that are the industry's most accomplished, innovative, and seasoned specialists. Our years of experience in the markets we serve have built a wealth of knowledge around the products and materials that drive your company's growth.

Reduce Procurement Footprint


Reduce costs for procurement activities and free up time so Supply Chain can focus on the critical portion of your business to boost productivity and profitability. Reducing vendors, manual resources, and valuable time to source products will mitigate risks and allow your project teams to accelerate your speed to market.

Supplier Management


We will work on your behalf to source your requirements through every channel, including our wide network of strategic supplier partners and 3rd party vendors to ensure top-tier quality, competitive pricing, and immediate availability.