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Transportation can drive up costs and create delays if scheduling isn’t in sync, and difficult to correct when an unplanned problem hits. Our Logistics Services makes available our national and international presence with shipments traversing our distribution network. From tactical logistics to strategic product positioning, our team of logistics experts safeguards against wasted time in transportation and optimizes the best way to deliver products, reduce lead times, and get it there on time.  

JIT Inventory Positioning


Our wide network of warehouses and distribution centers can coordinate with your project team to position inventory for immediate availability and release. Carrying costs and mitigation from long lead times and large minimums can create velocity challenges in your plan. With over 30 locations across North America and the Caribbean our teams can eliminate any risks that may potentially jettison your well thought out plans. Changes happen - We are the key partner to help you plan and pivot.



Our distribution footprint and transportation lanes can reduce your freight costs from vendors or inter-company transactions. Let us team up with your logistics team and offer a plan that will reduce costs while still allowing timing to be the central focus for your inbound strategy. Married with our distribution presence, your overall transportation plans will improve efficiency while driving down the costs.



Space and inventory management can cause issues if not planned strategically. Every inch of storage is space consumed by non-production activities. Let EIS' broad network of warehouses increase your capacity and productivity.