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Tread Mats

Slip resistant flooring is an important safety feature in work areas that receive heavy foot traffic. To meet this need, EIS offers 3M Tread Mats. Treat Mats are rolls of resilient material designed to reduce the likelihood of slipping or tripping while on the job.

These Tread Mats are made of durable and flexible material that is coated underneath with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is attached to a release liner. To apply the mat, the release liner is simply peeled away and the mat is pressed down onto the surface. Floors are then instantly made more slip resistant for both barefoot and shoe-trafficked areas.

An essential safety feature for locker rooms, pool areas, boats, exercise equipment, conveyers, ramps, walkways, loading docks, and machinery, you can be sure that EIS has all of your slip resistant needs covered. EIS supplies top quality Tread Mats from supplier 3M Safety Products


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  • 3M Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient Tapes and Treads

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 300
    3M Safety-Walk medium resilient slip resistant roll is made of high-friction resilient textured material for durability. It prevents falls in heavy traffic work areas, ramps, walkways, loading docks, machinery, vehicles, aircraft and reduces tripping.