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Protective Eyewear

Eye injuries are one of the most frequently suffered workplace injury. To help prevent these types of accidents, EIS offers Eye Protection safety glasses. Made from a variety of lightweight, flexible, and durable plastics, these glasses offer protection from a variety of substances found in the workplace.

Many Eye Protection safety glasses feature adjustable temples, with molded-in browguards, and sideshields. Some glasses offer UVA/UVB protection

and coated protective lens.

Eye Protection safety glasses are essential in markets such as Automotive, Repair and Operation (MRO), Chemical, Construction, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceutical, General Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing, Food Safety, and Oil and Gas.

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  • Uvex 3001 Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: S2500C-UVEX
    Mfr ID: 3001
    The Uvex Astrospec OTG 3001 is an economical alternative to expensive prescription frames. Each model features Duoflex comfort cushion temples. Designed to fit over prescription glasses, the Uvex Astrospec OTG 3001 is a comfortable and practical option to Rx frames or bulky, cumbersome goggles.


  • 19493 Safety Glass, Universal, Clear Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: 5731419
    Mfr ID: 19493
    Universal Clear Frame Safety Glass.


  • ID:
    Mfr ID: 9506-DAL
    Uvex Universal Black Frame Clear Lens Safety Glass.


  • Radians AT1-10 Rad-Atac™ Safety Glass, Universal, Clear Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: AT1-10
    Mfr ID: AT1-10
    Mfr: Radians
    This popular style lightweight frame glasses comes with wraparound single clear lens. It is soft and non-slip rubber tipped temples. Integrated rubber nosepiece for all day comfort. Made of polycarbonate lens for impact resistance. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards, CSA Z94.3 standards and provides 99.9-Percent UVA/UVB protection.

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  • MCR Safety BK119 BearKat® Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: BK119-CRW
    Mfr ID: BK119
    The BearKat's super well thoughtout construction combines the best in safety, comfort, and affordability. Your vision is unobstructed by the one-piece wraparound lens, which by its tight fit allows you maximum safety. Comfort is enhanced by the flexible temples and the non-slip temple sleeves are notched for a clip-on breakaway cord.

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  • Uvex CAS3960C-HLI Safety Glass, Universal, Gray Frame, Polypropylene Clear Lens

    ID: CAS3960C-HLI
    Mfr ID: CAS3960C-HLI
    Futuristic, low profile design for chemical splash and impact, toric lens provides superior optics and peripheral vision, Rx insert available, easiest lens replacement system available, UV extreme AF coating and indirect ventilation system minimize fogging, dura-streme technology option delivers UV extreme anti-fog protection on the interior of the lens and Ultra-dura hardcoat on the exterior of the lens for greater chemical and scratch resistance and longer lens life.

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  • Loctite 98452 Standard Safety Glass, Universal, Polycarbonate Orange Lens

    ID: LOC98452
    Mfr ID: 98452
    The Loctite safety glasses for UV and visible light, item #98452, is a polycarbonate, orange-tinted lens designed to absorb specific wavelengths of radiant energy into the lens to protect the user from harmful ultraviolet and visible light energy.


  • Radians NC0100 Neck Cord, Universal, Black

    ID: NC0100-BLACK
    Mfr ID: NC0100
    Mfr: Radians
    Radians NC0100 Neck Cord.


  • North N-Vision Safety Glass

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: N-Vision
    North By Honeywell N-Vision chemical resistant safety glasses have a universal comfort bridge nosepiece system and provide 99.9% UV protection. Glasses feature black and gray frame made of new elasto LT chemical resistant material. Smoke north 4A anti-scratch, anti-static, anti UV lens for distortion free vision and feature easy lens replacement system. Anti-fog lens and straight and curved temple ends for comfortable fit. Modern ergonomic design safety glasses are available in a wide range of lens tints.


  • Uvex S1800X Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: S1800X-UVEX
    Mfr ID: S1800X
    The Uvex Spitfire, with its patented frameless lens design and exceptional optical clarity, ensures superior and unobstructed vision that is critical to any worker's safety. The Spitfire is lightweight and has adjustable spatulite temples that deliver extra comfort all day long.


  • Uvex S3204 Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate SCT-Reflect 50 Lens

    ID: S3204
    Mfr ID: S3204
    The Uvex Genesis is the best selling safety eyewear in the world, offering the best in comfort, protection and style. Built with patented multi-material technology and a high level of adjustability, the Uvex Genesis delivers a broad range of superior benefits.

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  • Uvex S4500 Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: S4500-UVEX
    Mfr ID: S4500
    The Uvex Falcon soars above the competition as a great value in protective eyewear. Its frameless and optically perfected dual nine-base wrap-around lens provides superior coverage and unobstructed peripheral vision. Protective eyewear that is lightweight and comfortable that can be worn all day long.


  • 3M 11670 Virtua™ Safety Glass, Universal, Black/Gray Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: SAF11670
    Mfr ID: 11670
    The Virtua V4 protective eyewear line combines outstanding style, protection and affordability, all while offering wraparound coverage and soft, dual-injected temples that help relieve hot spots around the ears.


  • 3M 11329 Virtua™ Safety Glass, Universal, Clear Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: SAF11329
    Mfr ID: 11329
    The Virtua protective eyewear line merges outstanding unisex style, protection and affordability, all while offering wearers an open, unobstructed viewing range and three size options to fit a variety of facial profiles.

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  • ID:
    Mfr ID: SS51
    Cords and retainers are designed to accent your safety program, increase compliance and reduce costs by keeping safety eyewear in great condition.


  • North Safety Glass

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: Tornado F5
    North By Honeywell Tornado F5 safety glasses with black frame have curved temples which is adjustable for comfortable fit. Lens made of polycarbonate for durability and great coverage, providing terrific fit as well as style options. Replaceable lenses are offered in the North exclusive 4A coating.


  • 3M Nuvo™ Safety Glass

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 114
    Lightweight, retro-styled Nuvo protective reader eyewear features adjustable temples, an integral brow bar and soft nosepiece. Contoured frame and side shields offer additional safety coverage. With its outstanding protection and comfort, Nuvo protective eyewear is a clear choice for stylish safety and available in three different magnification diopters.


  • Kimberly Clark Safety Glass

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 256
    Kimberly-Clark 256, clear lenses allow maximum visible light transmission, lenses are made of a polycarbonate material that provides 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC protection.

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  • Uvex 3000 Safety Glass, Universal, Blue Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: S129-MIS
    Mfr ID: 3000
    The Uvex Astrospec 3000 is a Uvex original and still very popular among workers on the job, due to its contemporary styling, comfortable fit and economical lens replacement system. Uvex Duoflex comfort cushion temples are a feature on many models and a variety of lens tints are also available including spectrum control technology (SCT). Don't settle for an imposter, demand the original.

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  • Radians AP1-10 Rad-Apocalypse™ Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: AP1-10
    Mfr ID: AP1-10
    Mfr: Radians
    These rad apocalypse sporty style glasses provides 99.9% UV protection. Features soft rubber nosepiece with flared ends and soft and rubber temples. These sleek glasses includes neck cord. Lenses are hard coated for scratch resistance. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and safety standards. Comes with clear color lens.


  • Radians JR0110ID Journey™ Safety Glass, Universal, Black Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lens

    ID: JR0110ID
    Mfr ID: JR0110ID
    Mfr: Radians
    These journey 4-position telescoping temples glasses features rubber nosepiece allows for all day comfort and temple length adjustment for a precise fit. 9.75 Base lens provides excellent optics, protection and coverage.

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