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Illuminators & Accessories

Proper lighting is essential in creating safe working environments and ensuring that work is done effectively. To help work areas meet their maximum potential, EIS provides illuminators. To meet a comprehensive assortment of needs, EIS offers a variety of illuminators in these general categories:

  • Rings: These rings are small illuminators that assist in providing the suitable light for highly-detailed work. Illuminated rings are ideal for work that includes microscopes, or assembly and rework in industries such as Electrical, Industrial inspection, and more.
  • Overhead light fixtures: Overhead light fixtures are easily attached to surfaces to provide the widest angle of light diffusion. These lights are ideal in packaging and packaging accessory stations, or anywhere wide light distribution is necessary.
  • Undershelf lights: These lights are designed to be mounted beneath the instrument shelf in order to keep work surfaces well-illuminated. They are also able to be used in workbenches, to increase safety and functionality.
  • Bracket: Bracket lighting fixtures are able to be mounted on edges or on horizontal surfaces where increased lighting is necessary.

These illuminators are available in fluorescent, halogen, and LED light types in many different colors, wattages, and voltage ratings.

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  • IAC MTS Fluorescent Economy Light

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: MTS
    The Multi-Task System enables users to configure above-the-worksurface storage and accessories on an existing workbench and it is perfect for upgrading on a budget.


  • O.C. White FL1000 Micro-Lite® Fluorescent Ring Illuminator, 2-23/64" ID

    ID: FL1000
    Mfr ID: FL1000
    Micro-Lite High/Low Fluorescent Ring Illuminator is the highest quality fluorescent ring on the market. The exclusive "flicker-free" design makes for fatigue free usage. Our specialized ballast technology eliminates flickering that can cause eye fatigue, and allows for more lumen output per watt used. This is in a class all its own. 2.35 Inch ID, with a whole host of adapters available.


  • Scienscope IL-FR-24 Fluorescent Ring Illuminator, 2.4" ID, 12W

    ID: IL-FR-24
    Mfr ID: IL-FR-24
    Scienscope Fluorescent Ring Illuminator.

    In Stock

  • IAC Fluorescent Light Fixture

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: QS-201
    Offers the widest angle of light diffusion. Prismatic Diffusers are flat sheets of plastic with a prismatic configuration on the bottom surface to direct light rays at the highest angles from the fixture plane.


  • O.C. White LV2000 Micro-Lite® High Intensity Halogen Black Ring Illuminator, 150W, Black

    ID: LV2000-OCW
    Mfr ID: LV2000
    The Micro-Lite LV2000 is our newest ring illuminator. It features the newest surface mount LED technology that is paired with our exclusive design criteria, to make the highest performance, longest operating, lowest cost LED ring illuminator sold today! The days of having to buy replacement bulbs are a thing of the past! Our ESD Safe LV2000 features instant-on performance, with zero flicker. It is fully dimmable, from 100-0% with an integrated switch on the shade. Our exclusive design also allows for all circuitry to be hidden inside the shade.


  • IAC Fluorescent Undershelf Light

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: QS-102
    Good lighting is essential for productive work areas, these lights mount beneath the Instrument Shelf to keep the worksurface well illuminated. All units are supplied with an 8 ft. power cord and switch.


  • Glamox 60001-LG-LUX Bracket, 2-1/4" Opening, Light Gray

    ID: 60001-LG-LUX
    Mfr ID: 60001-LG-LUX
    Mfr: Luxo
    Glamox Light Gray Bracket.


  • Scienscope FC-A2-36 Fiber Optic Annular LED Ring Illuminator, 2.3" ID, 5870K

    ID: FC-A2-36
    Mfr ID: FC-A2-36
    The Scienscope FC-A2-36 Fiber Optic Annular Ring light is for use with Scienscope LED Fiber Optic Illuminator which is a light source for Scienscope microscopes. On one end, the Fiber Optic Annular Ring light is connected to the objective lens and focus arm and on the other end it is connected to the Fiber Optic Illuminator.


  • Scienscope IL-LED-R2 LED Ring Illuminator, 2.3" ID Collar, 3 - 5W

    ID: IL-LED-R2
    Mfr ID: IL-LED-R2
    Dual ring light design, white fuse light. Light intensity control. Less reflection on specular surfaces (solder, metal parts, etc). 1.5M power cord.


  • IAC QS-01620-1960 Fluorescent LT Light Fixture, 60" L, Soft Gray Frame

    ID: QS-01620-1960
    Mfr ID: QS-01620-1960
    The IAC is a QS series light fixture with a mounting type of surface mount with 48 Inch light mounted to a 60 Inch or 72 Inch support structure.