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EIS customers rely on our expertise to recommend solutions in a variety of areas and applications. In our Case Studies series, we identify a problem with a customer and EIS works to create a solution. In this Case Study we review the results from our engagement with Loctite involving pumps and brushable ceramic coatings.

The reduced downtime from this solution saved $108,000. 


A power plant wanted to avoid the high cost of replacing wear items on their pumps. They needed corrosion resistant coatings that would protect the pump and housing from abrasion and corrosion.


Corroded elements are cleaned by grit blasting achieving a near white metal finish. Repair surfaces are cleaned and given the first coating of Loctite Brushable Ceramic. After the coating has cured a second coat is applied to provide maximum surface protection. Loctite wear prevention products prevent further metal loss and avoid the high cost of replacing expensive pump parts. Future corrosion damage is stopped and the effective service life of the pump is extended.