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Wire & Cable Tools

All the tools you need to manage your wire related projects and jobs, from crimpers and cutters to strippers and wrap. Tools specific to markets like Telecom, including fiber optic tools for stripping and slitting, are available.
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  • Aven Premium Diagonal Cutter

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1082C
    Accu-Cut cutters are renowned for their superior cutting edge technology. Cutting edges have a hardness of 63-65 HRC for exceptional durability and are sharpened cut crisply at the very tip and along the entire length of the cutting edge. Unique joint design also ensures that the cutting edges stay in perfect alignment for superior performance. Grips are ESD-safe and ergonomically designed to exceptional comfort to increase operator productivity.


  • Aven Technik™ Diagonal Cutter

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1032-TEK
    Box joint construction for durability and perfect jaw alignment. Dual leaf springs ensure opening and closing is comfortable. ESD-safe Grips provides protection against static as well as extra comfort for repetitive work.


  • Aven TR20 Micro Flush Diagonal Cutter, 118 mm L, 20 AWG, Small Tip Jaw

    ID: 10.527B-AVE
    Mfr ID: TR20
    The Niptec TR 20M cutter is designed with a small cutting head for access into tight places. Due to the small size of the cutting blades, which are angled at 21 deg, this compact tool is able to produce a very fine, flush cut. The ergonomically designed ESD-safe grips make this tool comfortable and easy to use.


  • Aven TR25 Flush Diagonal Cutter, 128 mm L, 18 AWG, Tapered Jaw

    ID: 10.521
    Mfr ID: TR25
    These very popular, compact wire cutters feature a clean flush cutting edge and a narrow cutting head for access into dense areas. This tool is designed for cutting soft copper wire up to 18 AWG.


  • Plato 170SD High Precision Flush Cutter, 5-1/8" L, 18 AWG

    ID: 170SD-PLA
    Mfr ID: 170SD
    Mfr: Techspray
    Plato shears with static dissipative handle have a thin profile designed for those hard-to-reach areas in electronic assembly. Plato shears use the shear cutting method, which requires 50% less operator's effort and extends cutting life because they shear rather than pinch. Cut up to 18 AWG copper wire (3/64 Inch/1mm).

    In Stock

  • Xuron 2175 Maxi-Shear™ Cutter

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 2175
    Mfr: Xuron
    An extremely durable and versatile wire cutter featuring Xuron patented Micro-Shear cutting action. Tough enough for harness and cables with the precision to cut material less than 1 Mil thick or work in high density areas. Non-protruding, life time warranted flat spring provides "feel" without excessive tension.

    In Stock

  • Ideal 30-506 Crimpmaster™ Cushioned Grip Ratchet Crimp Tool Frame

    ID: 30-506
    Mfr ID: 30-506
    Crimpmaster ratchet crimp tool frame dies change quickly and easily with a screwdriver. Interchangeable dies provide versatility. Cushion grip handles.


  • Swanstrom 411CC Bevel Diagonal Cutter, 4" L, Oval Jaw

    ID: 411CC-SWA
    Mfr ID: 411CC
    Swanstrom 411CC diagonal cutter with 4 Inch length and becel construction.


  • Xuron 420 Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter, 5.11" L, 20 AWG Soft Wire, Angled Jaw

    ID: 420-XUR
    Mfr ID: 420
    Mfr: Xuron
    Allows easier cutting in difficult areas. 55 deg angled head provides excellent sight lines when used in either vertical or horizontal position. Slim profile for accessibility.


  • Ideal Reflex™ Premium Wire Stripper

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 45WS
    The Reflex premium T-Stripper with ergonomic handles is the next evolution in total-comfort, total-control wire strippers. The stripper's ergonomic design fits natural grip for maximum comfort. The handles are curved at 45 deg to reduce wrist fatigue.


  • Erem 670EP Full Flush Tip Cutter, 110 mm L, 0.4 mm Medium, 0.6 mm Copper Wire, Miniature Tapered with Relief Jaw

    ID: 670EP-ERE
    Mfr ID: 670EP
    Mfr: Erem
    The Erem 670EP are 4.33 Inch long Erem 600 series ESD-safe tool steel tip cutters with taper jaw and flush cutting style. The cutters are used to cut surface mount devices and leads in micro-electronics applications.


  • Ideal 83-001 Comfort-Grip Ratchet Crimp Tool, 10 - 22 AWG, Vinyl Grip, Blue Handle

    ID: 83-001
    Mfr ID: 83-001
    The 83-001 is a Ratchet Crimp Tool for insulated or bare terminals and splices on 10 - 22 AWG wire. The crimp tool features vinyl-coated comfort-grips and ratchet action helps ensure uniform crimps.


  • Eraser IR0318 Blade

    ID: ERASERIR0318
    Mfr ID: IR0318
    Blade with 38 - 8 AWG wire or up to 3/8 Inch dia over extruded insulations, for K8A AND K8B rotary blade strippers. Blades for extruded type insulations.


  • Eraser IR5035 Replacement Notched Element, 1/2" W

    ID: ERASERIR5035
    Mfr ID: IR5035
    Set of replacement notched elements. General purpose heavy-duty "flat style" elements notched for wire sizes 12 - 24 AWG. Width of elements 1/2 Inch.


  • Eraser IR8610 Replacement Length Stop Assembly

    ID: ERASERIR8610
    Mfr ID: IR8610
    Eraser IR8610 Replacement Length Stop Assembly.


  • Eraser RI0056 AC Power Supply

    ID: ERASERRI0056
    Mfr ID: RI0056
    Eraser RI0056 AC Power Supply.


  • Eraser Glo-Ring® Bench Wire Guard

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: IH355
    Eraser Glo-Ring® Bench Wire Guard.


  • Eraser IR23 Wire Guide

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: IR23
    Eraser wire guide for use with C200, C300 machines.


  • Ideal K-6498 Blade

    ID: K-6498
    Mfr ID: K-6498
    Replacement blade with 0.11 Inch depth for cutting Ringer cable stripper.


  • Eraser Heavy Duty Concave Face Insert with Tungsten Carbide Tip

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: L3CC
    Most inserts are available in two grades of material. Under normal use in a cost basis, the most expensive grade will give the best cost versus insert life (i.e. carbide is better than standard). Constructed from tungsten carbide. Has a concave face.


  • Ideal LB-1188 Gripper Pad Set

    ID: LB-1188
    Mfr ID: LB-1188
    Ideal gripper pad set for use with custom Stripmaster Lite wire strippers.


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