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Our Fabrication Solution Case Studies are where we identify a problem with a customer and EIS works to create a solution. We review the results from our engagement with Solaro on this Case Study involving solar panels and adhesive solutions.

Within the renewable energy market, especially in the manufacturing of solar panels, EIS can provide:

  • Protective film
  • Adhesive layers
  • Foil strips
  • Bus bars
  • Edge seal tape
  • Top and back sheet laminates
  • High strength foam tape
  • Inverters
  • Solar energy storage

    In the case of Solaro, EIS provided strong rooftop adherence and sealing for a solar powered attic fan. This fan provides a different approach to attic ventilation to combat moisture, mold, and mildew. The fan provides a high airflow rate, low roof profile, and is completely self-powered by the sun. A unique solar panel performs from morning into night without adjusting to track the sun’s rays. The multi-crystalline cells perform extraordinarily well in dim lighting conditions so that the fan can be working automatically from before dawn until after sunset.


    EIS provides a silicone edge seal for watertight operation that will stand up to the harsh exposure to sun, rain, and snow. The silicone edge protects against moisture and contaminants while eliminating the need for metal fasteners.


    A conductive adhesive is used to join the solar panel to the vent. This acrylic adhesive provides low outgassing and good ionic characteristics. It also delivers the shear strength required for an outdoor environment.

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