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EIS is a fabricator and converter of flexible materials and adhesives, providing Engineered Solutions and Distribution Solutions. Our engineers provide design, rapid prototyping, and custom converting capabilities to assist with your fabrication needs.

EIS has supplied die-cut tape and specialty materials for over 35 years. We die-cut and laser-cut VHB tapes, films, foils, abrasives, and custom laminates into your desired shape or product to tight tolerances. We die-cut micro pieces from .020" x .020" to large format 80" x 80" industrial gaskets on our 500-ton press. We can laminate, slit and die-cut all inline for efficient manufacturing and fast turnaround of finished products. Precision die-cut components offer automated assembly solutions and save you money. EIS can produce die-cuts from CAD data, spec sheets, or hand sketches. 

EIS delivers finished adhesive components by:

  • Complex multi-layer island place die-cutting
  • CAD cutting, plotting, prototyping
  • Laser cutting, perforating inline
  • Wide web rotary die-cutting
  • Flatbed or Progressive die-cutting
  • Steel rule dies made in house
  • Matched metal male/female tooling
  • Multi-layer die-cutting
  • Island placement of materials such as bandage
  • Inline optical registration die-cutting
  • Zoned adhesive or dead-end areas
  • Inline stacking and conveying
  • Die-cuts for automation/pick-and-place dispensing
  • Three-dimensional cutting and forming
  • Liner swapping, split liners, extended tabs

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