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EIS Provides Converting Services for Plastic Injection Molding

We fabricate 3M™ VHB™/automotive acrylic foam tapes used in a variety of applications and industries. Our engineers use die-cutting and laser cutting techniques, allowing precision cuts to fit any shape, size, or profile while minimizing assembly time. These tapes perform incredibly high strength and continually prove a superior choice in the plastic injection molding process.

Below are just a few of our specialty products created to provide value to the appliance and transportation industries.

We know that efficiency is a priority to our consumer.

Over 30 years ago, EIS created extended liner and tabbing capabilities to ease removal. We have the ability to create “looper tabs” or “split pull tabs” on the secondary liner. That secondary liner is pulled off by the injection molders when it applies the tape to the parts. They then ship to the assembly plant which is where the 3M liner gets removed and the molded part is attached to the vehicle, appliance, etc.

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