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in EV Batteries


The process of designing, constructing, and assembling the components of an EV battery needs to be extremely detailed. The precise cutting and slitting of anodes and cathodes is a crucial step in battery production to build a high-performance and reliable battery. Additionally, anode and cathode slitting oftentimes creates a bottleneck for fast and efficient production. Long lead times and poor edge control when cutting and slitting anodes and cathodes are common challenges seen in the market and can lead to inconsistencies in the sizes and shapes of the electrodes. This in turn can affect the performance and lifespan of the battery, create inefficient charging, and even result in severe motor failure. 


Slitting and cutting of anodes and cathodes must be extremely precise and to the manufacturer’s specifications. Improving edge control when cutting and slitting requires careful attention to the cutting process and the use of appropriate equipment and techniques to ensure there are no variances. Long lead times are often experienced due to the lack of infrastructure, demonstrating how imperative it is to have the specialized equipment that enables rapid prototyping. 


EIS has worked with EV Battery manufacturers to overcome this challenge to decrease production time and cost and increase battery life longevity. EIS provides high-quality cuts customized for the manufacturer’s required technical specifications through precision slitting and rapid prototyping of anodes and cathodes. As one of North America’s leading distributors of electrical process materials, combined with over 30 locations and fabrication facilities, EIS has extensive expertise in working with copper and aluminum. Our long-standing relationships with suppliers, combined with our ability to procure and source materials quickly, ensure the production of high-quality and extremely precise slitting and converting for best-in-class industry lead times. 

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