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Dow Corning 93-500 Thixotropic Space Grade Encapsulant, 0.5kg Kit

ID: DC93-500X.5KG Mfr ID: 93-500X.5KG
Manufactured by: Dow Corning
Dow Corning 93-500 space grade encapsulate is a transparent, room-temperature-curing, solventless silicone material designed for potting, filling, embedding and encapsulating electronic and other equipment for use in the space environment. It is supplied as a nearly colorless, free flowing, low viscosity fluid.

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USD $4,664.20 / KT

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  • Brand name :  Dow Corning
  • Series :  93-500
  • Item Name :  Encapsulant Kit
  • Short Desc :  THIXOTROPIC,93-500 KIT .5KG KIT
  • UPC :  3130975
  • UNSPSC :  31201703

Dow Corning 93-500 encapsulate sections of the encapsulant can be cut out for replacement of components, new encapsulant can be poured in place and cured to re-form a tight seal.

Performance Details
Elongation 110% 
Tensile Strength 790 psi 
Design & Construction
Form Liquid 
Cure Type Room Temperature 
Environmental Condition
Temperature Rating -65 to 200 deg C 
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength 570V/Mil 
Chemical Properties
Composition Silicone Elastomer 
Specific Gravity 1.08 
Viscosity 8000 cSt 
Physical Properties
Container Size 0.5kg 
Container Type Kit 
Hardness 46 Shore A 

Dow Corning 93-500 Thixotropic Space Grade Encapsulant, 0.5kg Kit Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

Dow Corning 93-500 Thixotropic Space Grade Encapsulant, 0.5kg Kit Technical Data Sheet 

Features :

  • Transparency - embedded parts can be visually inspected
  • Good physical and electrical stability-retain properties from -65 to 200 deg C (-85 to 392 deg F), over a wide range of frequency and humidity
  • Good firmness and flexibility - shore A scale hardness of approximately 45, elongation of about 100%
  • Good damping qualities - low transmission of vibration and shock
  • Good environmental protection - low water absorption less than 0.10% after 7 days immersion at 25 deg C (77 deg F), high resistance to radiation (usable after exposure to 200 megarads)
  • Low shrinkage during cure - does not exert pressure on encapsulated or embedded components

Applications :

  • For Modules, Power Supplies, Cable Connectors or Complete Electronic Assemblies, Electronic Components, Circuit Boards and Solar Cell Adhesive