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CircuitMedic 115-9561 Coloring Agent, 1 oz Tube, Amber

ID: 115-9561 Mfr ID: 115-9561
Manufactured by: Circuit Technology Center
Color agent is a one-part, air-drying, semi-paste ink commonly used for printing on hard surfaces including circuit board base materials. Color agent contains petroleum distillates but is not considered hazardous and does not require special labeling. It can be used to tint the color of epoxy used for solder mask repair or circuit base board repair. Color agent may also be applied directly to the circuit board surface for color matching.

USD $20.35 / PC

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  • Brand name :  Circuit Medic
  • Item Name :  Coloring Agent
  • Short Desc :  COLOR AGENT, PMS561 DK GREEN
  • UNSPSC :  31201607

The CircuitMedic 115-9561 is a green coloring agent that comes in a 1 oz collapsible metal tube. It can be used for a variety of applications including tinting the color of epoxy that is used for solder mask or circuit base board repair.

Design & Construction
Form - Part-A Liquid/Gel 
Color - Part-A Amber 
Performance Details
Evaporation Rate <1 
Chemical Properties
Composition - Part-A Rosin-Based Resin 
Specific Gravity - Part-A 0.9562 
VOC - Part-A <11% 
Physical Properties
Container Size 1 oz 
Container Type Tube 
Odor/Scent - Part-A Oleoresinous 

CircuitMedic 115-9561 Coloring Agent, 1 oz Tube, Amber Technical Data Sheet 

CircuitMedic 115-9561 Coloring Agent, 1 oz Tube, Amber Buyer's Guide 

Features :

Applications :

  • For Solder Mask Repair or Circuit Base Board Repair